Justin Trudeau Foresees Diversity Leading to Heat Death of the Universe
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From the Daily Caller:

“The world is moving towards more diversity, not less diversity. It’s a form of entropy where people will come with different perspectives, the advancement of communication, raising standards of living around the world…[it] means that our communities, our boardrooms, are going to be more and more diverse,” Trudeau said at a forum in Canada’s capitol. …

National Post columnist Andrew Coyne quipped, “Entropy is our strength,” mocking Trudeau’s mantra of “diversity is our strength.”

The diversity-entropy connection seems pretty reasonable to me.

I would include a picture of the Prime Minister saying this if he had dressed up for the occasion as a leprechaun or Maori warrior or Oktoberfest yodeler or Yanomamo shaman, but he was wearing a white shirt and red tie, so if he’s not going to make the effort to entertain us, I’m not going to bother either.

Here’s a more amusing picture of Trudeau at his best, playing dress up.

Mr. Trudeau gets a lot of grief from his critics for playing dress up all the time, but look at it from Mrs. Trudeau’s perspective.

Your husband is not only the national leader, and the son and heir of the most famous man in your country’s history, but he’s boyishly handsome, yet tough enough to pummel a bouncer turned Tory politician in a 2012 charity boxing match. And he loves to get dressed up with you and your three kids in the national costume of whatever country you are visiting.

Would Mr. Darcy do that?

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