Kenya Wants To Deport Its 425,000 Somali "Refugees". Are They Coming Here?
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H/T Photo and caption The New Observer

A major reason I regard The New Observer as an indispensable resource is the vigilance with which it monitors foreign news outlets for instance:

Kenya to Expel 425,000 Somali “Refugees” Aug 29, 2016

The black African state of Kenya has ordered the expulsion of 425,000 Somali “refugees” back home, calling the invaders a “breeding ground for terrorism” and an “economic burden.”

The West’s controlled media has blacked out the news because it undermines the “Somali refugee” narrative promoted in the West—and because it is a black state doing the expelling, instead of a European state.

As a result, the announcement by the United Nations High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR) about the expulsions from Kenya have been ignored by the controlled media in the West, and it has only appeared in Asian, African, and some South American media outlets.

To put this in perspective, Kenya is estimated to have a population of 45 million (5.2X that of 1962, the year before independence!) So this is as if the U.S. resolved to deport 3 million “refugees”.

Now there’s an idea!

The New Observer accurately observes:

The expulsion of the Somali “refugees” back to Somalia—with the acquiescence of the UNHCR—shows conclusively that there is no justification for the hundreds of thousands of Somalis claiming “refugee status” in Europe.

It also shows that mass repatriations are possible—and if a Third World nation like Kenya can do it, then it can be done with far greater ease by a First World nation with the necessary willpower.

Memo to The Donald

The New Observer is basically correct that this story has been ignored in the English-language media, but one recent story is extremely ominous:

Kenya has backed down yet again on its decision to close Dadaab, the world’s largest refugee camp….

The Kenyan government’s decision coincided with US secretary of state John Kerry’s two-day visit to Nairobi this week. Kerry held talks with the Kenyan government regarding the situation in Somalia…

During his visit, Kerry announced the US government’s decision to provide more than $146 million in humanitarian assistance to support the victims of droughts in Kenya and Somalia. Some of the funding will be donated to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Kenya backpedals on decision to close world’s biggest refugee camp yet again By Abdi Latif Dahir Quartz August 24, 2016

In other words, the Obama administration intervened in the internal affairs of a foreign country, and bribed them not to disperse their inventory of Somalis.


On Sunday I blogged Italy’s Surplus African Immivaders – Being Reserved For Hillary Administration Importation? (And this possibility is being made worse by this week’s news:  Italy: 10,000 Invaders in 2 Days The New Observer August 31, 2016)

There is a real danger that a H. Clinton Administration (which is committed to a full Merkel stance on immigration) will scoop up Kenya’s Somalis. Maybe that is what the Kenyans were promised.

After all, the wonderful Somali immigrants already here have proven staunch Democratic voters and States other than Florida have to be transformed.

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