Lindsey Graham Boasts Of Being Bribed To Betray GOP Base On Immigration
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Lindsey Graham and Owner

If there is a virtue pertaining to the loathsome Lindsey Graham (Scalawag- SC) it is that he is publicizing the crucial and increasingly blatant role of leftist Jewish money in debauching the American political process, particularly in the GOP.

Steve Sailer in Who, Whom, Humor: Jewish Telegraph Agency Tells Lindsey Graham “Some Jokes Only Jews Can Make” thought that Graham blundered in joking that his funding might cause him to have the first all-Jewish cabinet. I disagree. Graham is deliberately advertising his subservience. He figures that in the cowed state of American political discourse no one will to challenge him, and the key donors will be flattered. As far as the MSM goes he is right.

So his extraordinary statement in Lindsey Graham edges toward decision on 2016 GOP race By Chris Cassidy The Boston Herald Monday, May 4, 2015 fits the pattern

Despite its true-blue liberal lean, Boston has been a good source of donors, Graham said.

“There are a lot of people in this town that think that I am trying to solve problems as a Republican (that they) wish the Republican party would be more open to solving, like immigration,” said Graham.

In other words Graham is touting for money from people who want the GOP to adopt policies other than what the base has traditionally preferred. His target constituency is not Republican voters: his betrayal is for hire.

I continue to think that at some point Graham is going to completely outflank the MSM as I suggested in Will “Sheldon Adelson Minion” Lindsey Graham Come Out As First Gay Presidential Contender?

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