Major Defeat For Illegal Alien Criminal/"Activist" Ravi Ragbir
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Ravi Ragbir is an illegal alien and convicted criminal. He is the poster child for the low quality immigrant that dominates the immigrant population in general and non-White immigrants in particular. Ragbir is also symbolic of our broken deportation system. Ragbir was ordered deported during the George W.Bush administration, which failed to deport him and was a winner of the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty.

He was a criminal alien who the Obama Regime refused to deport, despite their claims that they were concentrating on criminal aliens. Since his criminal conviction and unenforced deportation order, Ragbir took a political turn, becoming an activist for his fellow illegal aliens, as well as himself. He has been campaigning for the end of immigration enforcement.


Convicted Felon And Illegal Alien Ravi Ragbir

Once the Trump Administration came in, Ragbir lost his Obama Regime protection, and Ragbir was going to be deported., but nothing happened, thugs successfully intimidated U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Enforcement and Removal Operations (ICE ERO), as they are successfully doing and kritarchs then had a chance to interfere.

He, of course, make much political hay concerning his potential deportation and managed to parlay his political attacks on President Trump and immigration law enforcement into a decision that publicly opposing immigration enforcement provides cover for illegal aliens and makes them de facto not deportable. Deep State saboteurs are also involved, failing to do their duty removing illegal aliens.

However, Ragbir’s sojourn in the United States may be coming to an end. He has lost his appeal of his criminal conviction and the primary claim of the stay of his deportation has been rendered moot.

Fifth, considerations of finality, judicial efficiency, and potential prejudice towards the government—if a new trial or re-sentencing is ordered—also counsel against concluding there were sound reasons for delay. After examining our case law and the record before us, we conclude that Ragbir had the ability to bring all his claims at least six years before his 2012 petition for coram nobis. He provides no sound reason
for his delay.

Coram nobis is an extraordinary remedy, available only when all its conditions have been met. Ragbir’s claims fail to satisfy at least one necessary requirement. Accordingly, we will affirm the District Court’s denial of the petition.

[Ravidath Ragbir v. United States, Precedential Decision, by Third Circuit Court of Appeals, dated February 10, 2020]

Basically, the court is saying that Ragbir should have challenged his convictions sooner and waited too long. Interestingly, one of the reasons that he delayed challenging his convictions is that he filed a petition for pardon from Barack Obama, but did not receive that pardon. This is important, though mentioned only in passing, in that generally to obtain a pardon, one must admit culpability and ask forgiveness as part of the pardon process. Behind their decision, the judges involved must have been curious of what is in Ragbir’s pardon application, which remains as part of the official record at the Department of Justice’s Office of the Pardon Attorney.

Note that Ragbir’s claim of politically motivated attempted deportation is in the Second Circuit Court of Appeals and his criminal conviction was in the Third Circuit, but the claim of political motivation was always a delaying tactic for the real attempt to have the criminal conviction overturned. One down, now Based Bill Barr needs to get the illegal stay of deportation overturned.

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