More on the Dana Point "White Privilege" Killer—And Blaming Black Mental Illness On Whites
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Earlier: Biking Doctor Murdered By Driver Ranting About ”White Privilege”

As usual, Heavy is the site to go to for uncurated data dumps on murderers in the news. The white doctor in Orange County waiting on his bike at an intersection was murdered by a Lexus-driving, probably vaguely middle-class black with Jamaican roots with Rastafarian religious and mainstream Democrat political leanings. The driver sent the doctor flying, then got out and, while talking about “white privilege,” stabbed the doctor.

Higher rates of schizophrenia are found among black male immigrants and their descendants, rather like the Dana Point “white privilege” murderer. That’s hardly proof of a link, but I wouldn’t be surprised if schizophrenia played a role in this racist murder of a white doctor riding a bike.

Still, due to the higher rates of violent insanity found among black men, especially immigrants, our Establishment should think about toning down and cutting back on its inciteful (but less than insightful) anti-white racist hate speech deluge, including “white privilege.”

From the Toronto Globe and Mail in 2021:

Can racism cause schizophrenia?

Decades of research has found that racialized citizens are diagnosed with the disorder at far higher rates – and the single biggest risk factor is having darker skin than most of their neighbours


… In a number of Western countries, including Canada, migrants from Africa and the Caribbean – and their children – are more likely to be diagnosed with schizophrenia than either their native-born white peers or immigrants from other parts of the world. Study after study has pointed to one significant risk factor: skin colour.

… In Ontario, for instance, Caribbean-African men are more likely to be involuntarily admitted to hospital for psychosis than other populations, often following a police encounter…

But the finding that Black citizens are being diagnosed more often with psychosis is more complex than improving access to care. It goes back more than 50 years and has been the subject of more than 100 peer-reviewed papers. In the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, extensive studies have found rates as much as five times higher in migrants from the Caribbean and Africa than the native-born white population. In Israel, significantly higher rates of psychosis have been found in migrants from Ethiopia. In the United States, African-Americans are more likely to be diagnosed with schizophrenia than white Americans.

Researchers have discovered a similar pattern in Canada. A 2015 Ontario study looking at 10 years of health statistics found higher rates of psychotic disorders in refugees from East Africa and South Asia (95 per cent and 51 per cent higher, respectively) compared to the general population, and an elevated risk among immigrants from the Caribbean and Bermuda.

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