Nigeria IS Sending Us Their Best. Still No Good.
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Last month in Nigeria: Future Of American Cities? I summarized Matt Lakeman’s definitive essay on the plight this West African State. Since Independence in 1960, Nigeria has been plundered into a state of catatonic poverty. This is despite huge and ongoing oil revenues, virtually all developed since 1960.

Subsequently I noted a parallel in America: The Black Lives Matter Scandal—Is There A Pattern?

The Nigerian essay brought in some interesting correspondence. One letter said:

I work with a lot of blacks from Ghana and Nigeria and other African countries as my job is international.

I never have a problem with them, and they all despise American blacks. Call them lazy, entitled, selfish, arrogant, and violent.

Years ago I took a long cab ride with a West African driver. He had just been stiffed by what he judged to be an American black. For the entire ride he vitriolically denounced American blacks. I particularly remember one complaint:

When you see them in the subway, they look at you as if they WANT TO EAT YOU!

Of course, even though the average IQ of West Africans has been estimated as low as 67, with population over 213 million some millions must be way over on the right side of the Bell Curve: in other words highly intelligent. Individuals in this category who are not part of the Kleptocracy are very interested in getting out.

Unfortunately, IQ is not enough to make a good immigrant.

Other Africans seem to detest Nigerians. On one of the comments  on a social media post of our Citi Bike Black Thugs Who Harassed Pregnant White Nurse Are Anchor Babies From West African Families On Welfare was from a South African lady (race unclear) who offered 10/1 odds that they were Nigerian. She went on to discuss how gangsterism and racketeering in SA are dominated by Nigerians.

There is dauntingly solid evidence that criminality is deeply embedded in the Nigerian character. In Nigerian Criminality: Libertarian Looneyness  I noted a Washington Post article about a large-scale Nigerian car theft ring operating in the D.C. area. I observed

In Alien Nation, (P 186) Peter Brimelow reported

…U.S. law enforcement officials estimate an incredible 75 percent of the 100,000 Nigerians now in the United States are involved in “an impressive and innovative variety of fraud schemes…Interestingly, Nigerian criminals come from their country’s privileged classes… ”[Nigeria] is notorious for corruption and non-existent business ethics even by African standards…”

Doubtless the numbers are much worse now (but of course they are probably not being collected).

Ominously for white Americans, intelligent Nigerians here are catching onto the White Guilt/Racial Spoils racket. Steve Sailer saw this in Nigerian-American Teju Cole In The NYT: You White People Should Feel Guilty Over Vermeer:

…the point is that Vermeer was white, and that makes Nigerian-American Teju Cole feel kind of inadequate, so equity demands that white people give black people their home equity.

Do we really need these people?

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