NOW IT CAN BE TOLD: Derb Williams College Talk Cancelled After Violence Threats —President Falk Caved!
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Today's Wall Street Journal carries an op-ed by Zachary Wood (above) the Williams College student who invited me to speak to his "Uncomfortable Learning" group last February.  The invitation was rescinded by the college president, Adam Falk "in the best interests of students and our community."

You can read Wood's op-ed at the Journal website if you have a subscription.  If you don't have a subscription, I've posted a copy here.

Wood writes that:

After I invited conservative commentator John Derbyshire in 2016 to speak about race and national identity, one student angrily told me that if the speech wasn't canceled, Mr. Derbyshire wouldn't make it through the door in one piece.

"What do you mean?" I asked. "You can't be serious."

The student paused, leaned over the table and looked me in the eye: "Whatever it takes, he will not make it through that door."

I had received criticism before and had my character attacked, but a face-to-face physical threat was something new. Two days later, the college president banned Mr. Derbyshire from campus.

So the movements of guests on the Williams College campus are controlled by violent thugs.  And those thugs have the support of the college administration.

Good to know … especially if you are the parent of a highschooler checking out colleges to apply to.

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