Out of Touch Media Elite Punches Down At "Boomer Rubes"
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Basket of boomer rubes, anyone?

The knowledge advantage Republican voters enjoy over Democrat voters is likely nowhere greater than on the subject of geography. Results from the last Pew Research news IQ quiz that included a couple of relevant questions:

This is unsurprising. The average GOP voter is more male and more visuo-spatially oriented than the average Democrat voter, who tends to be more female and more verbally oriented.

A stunning lack of awareness from our esteemed elite continues.

The plot of the movie that grossed a billion dollars hinges on a powerful, privileged late night comedian mocking a powerless, dysfunctional, mentally ill prole:

What do you risk when you punch down, punch down, and then punch down again? One hell of a comeuppance.

Joaquin Phoenix understands. He was on the receiving end before he did the delivering:

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