Peter Worthington, R. I. P.
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Writer and editor Peter Worthington has died in Canada at the age of 86. editor Peter Brimelow, a longtime friend of his, says he was the most significant conservative journalist of his generation.

The paper he founded in 1971, the Toronto Sun, was the only conservative voice in the Canadian media for years, almost unique in providing a voice for, among other things, anti-Communism.

As a young soldier, he fought the Communists with Canadian troops in Korea. As slightly older journalist, he was everywhere in the world, including Dallas in 1963, where he can be seen in photographs of Oswald being shot by Ruby.

As an editor, he fought with the Canadian government and the forces of political correctness. Rest in Peace.

Toronto Sun founding editor Peter Worthington dead at 86,By Shawn Jeffords,Toronto Sun, May 13, 2013

Since started after Worthington more or less retired, he hasn’t figured much in our pages. In a controversy over John McCain and the Vietnam War POW’s, Worthington, a Korean War veteran, defended McCain from charges of abandoning the POWS, but not from charges of being treacherous over illegal immigration, see:

In a War on Christmas column about a Toronto controversy, we quoted Worthington, a Cold War foreign correspondent,  as saying that even behind the Iron Curtain, they had Christmas trees:

And finally, of historical interest, there’s Worthington’s reviews of Alien Nation, from the Toronto Sun:

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