Radio Derb Is On The Air: Why Don’t Black Immigrants Succumb To “Systemic Racism”? Etc.
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Radio Derb is on the air–go here to listen, here to download the MP3.


00m54s — The veep debate. (Nontrivial probabilities.)

08m20s — Where is the Alt-Left? (No, it’s not Bernie Sanders.)

13m50s — A conservative case for Mrs Clinton. (I take the Cromwell Rule out for a spin.)

24m56s — Why don’t black immigrants succumb to “systemic racism”? (And why are we plundering the Third World’s human capital?)

35m34s — Persons and unpersons at the Museum of American Blackness. (The O.J. Simpson Room not yet finished.)

42m18s — Hungary gives Eurocrats the finger. (They don’t want “migrants.”)

44m42s — Not enough blacks in a movie about Wales. (Journalistic malfeasance at the L.A. Times.)

48m16s — Eurocrats to Brits:  Don’t identify Muslims. (The war against nanoaggressions.)

50m25s — Signoff. (À propos de bottes.)

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