Radio Derb Transcript Up For April 2: "Are You Concerned?," Kamala's Root Causes, A Sideways Ship, And Living In The Material World, Etc.
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The Radio Derb transcript is up for April 2. Go here to read or listen.


03m33s  Concerning concern.  (Law-breaking is dangerous.)

06m50s  Kamala tackles root causes.  (How hard can it be?)

17m06s  Big ship gets stuck.  (We're buying lots of furniture.)

21m59s  Living in the material world.  (Large solid objects.)

27m02s  Damnatio memoriae.  (Unpersoning Trump.)

29m31s  Down with musical notation!  (It's complicit in white supremacy.)

31m13s  Trying to support the police.  (They don't make it  easy.)

34m03s  Signoff.  (With daffodils.)

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