Radio Derb Transcript Up For Jan 15: Prosecuting Officer Chauvin, Helicopter Money, Javanka Canceled, And Andy Ngo's Book, Etc.
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The Radio Derb transcript is up for January 15. Go here to read or listen. 

05m45s  Prosecuting Officer Chauvin.  (The stakes are high.)

12m46s  Helicopter money.  (Just numbers on paper?)

20m38s  Our coming national humiliation.  (America's Suez.)

27m58s  The vanity of power.  (Cromwell, Formosus, and Trump.)

33m49s  Woke triumphalism.  (Strict ideological orthodoxy settles in.)

36m19s  Andy Ngo's book.  (Not for sale in Portland.)

38m38s  Javanka get canceled.  (I'm trying to care.)

40m55s  Much ADOS about nothing.  (Importing a black overclass.)

43m42s  Will Andy Yang make the cut?  (A snippet from New York City.)

46m37s  Sloth story.  (The critter, not the vaccine rollout.)

49m53s  Another sloth story.  (Don't be loth to hear both.)

50m27s  Signoff.  (With Flanders and Swann.)

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