Radio Derb Transcript Up For May 13: Refugee Settlement; Inflation, Shminflation; And Rulers Flaunt Their Contempt For Us, Etc.
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The Radio Derb transcript is up for May 13, 2022. Go here to read or listen.

03:30  Refugee settlement by affinity.  (Or "cultural distance.")

18:17  The war rumbles on.  (Putin KBOs.)

23:19  Inflation, shminflation.  (Let the printing presses hum!)

27:16  Two cheers for crypto.  (Down but not out.)

31:26  Yes we can!  (That sense of wonder.)

40:00  Rulers flaunt their contempt for us.  (Couldn't be more flagrant.)

42:36  A story with a moral.  (If you can figure it out.)

44:20  Signoff.  (Not just British, 1980s British.)

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