Rare MSM Hate Hoax Mention: Gay Organist Wrote "Heil Trump" On His Own Church
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Here’s a rare MSM mention of hate crime hoaxes in the Washington Post: a tiny leftwing church in small Indiana gets “Heil Trump” painted on its wall. The story goes national:

The graffiti in rural Indiana became a national sensation, part of a string of high-profile hate crime reports in the wake of Donald Trump’s victory. Late-night television host Stephen Colbert featured an image of one of the tagged walls during a monologue. The church’s priest, the Rev. Kelsey Hutto, appeared on CNN to champion the values of St. David’s, an island of liberalism in conservative Brown County.

But the malefactor turns out to be the church’s gay organist * who was mad at his Trump-voting mom. The article concludes with a long section about how his left wing church forgave him for libeling his Trump-supporting neighbors.

* By the way, I’m reminded of an awesome Jesse Jackson quote from the 1980s that, sadly, I can’t find anywhere on the Internet, even though I remember it like it was yesterday. During one of his impressive 1980s runs for the Democratic nomination, the Rev. Jesse was questioned about his claim to lead a Rainbow Coalition. (This was before gays completely monopolized and homogenized the concept of a rainbow.) He was asked how he could claim to be heading a “Rainbow Coalition”open to homosexuals when he spent much of his time campaigning in black churches.

He answered that lots of black churches have gay organists.

I love stereotypes.

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