Richwine Out, In Good Company With Watson, Summers
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From the Associated Press:

Heritage Official Resigns Amid Controversy


Published: May 10, 2013 at 4:38 PM ET

WASHINGTON (AP) — A co-author of a disputed Heritage Foundation report on a new immigration bill has resigned amid controversy over claims he made about immigrants having low IQs. 

A spokesman for the conservative think tank confirms Jason Richwine's resignation without offering any details. 

Richwine was one of two authors of a report released Monday that said immigration legislation pending in the Senate would cost $6.3 trillion over 50 years as immigrants consumed federal benefits without making up for it in taxes. The report quickly came under attack as critics from the left and right said it didn't account for economic benefits from immigration. 

Attention focused on Richwine when his 2009 Ph.D. dissertation from Harvard University surfaced in which he asserted that immigrants have lower IQs than the "white native population."

Richwine's crime was not being wrong, but being right.

As anthropologists Lionel Tiger and Robin Fox said about Hans Christian Andersen’s The Emperor’s New Clothes, the psychology of the story suddenly goes all wrong at the very end. As you’ll recall, the two “weavers” contend that only intelligent people worthy of holding their jobs can see the new clothes. So, just because one little brat is saying “The emperor has no clothes,” the mob isn’t going to suddenly agree with the kid. They are instead going to get very angry at this obviously stupid child who, clearly, isn’t even worthy of holding his job of street urchin, unlike all of the respectable people who deserve their positions of authority, who are all smart enough to see that the Emperor is wearing a ... uh ... new, higher form of clothing.

And here's David Weigel's article in Slate about how I quoted Richwine on my blog, thus proving his guilt.

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