Roald Dahl And The Sensitivity Readers: Lying To Children About What Dahl Wrote, And What Life Was Like Quite Recently
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I was curious about this:


What he’s talking about is this:

The Telegraph’s story says

“Words matter,” begins the discreet notice, which sits at the bottom of the copyright page of Puffin’s latest editions of Roald Dahl’s books. “The wonderful words of Roald Dahl can transport you to different worlds and introduce you to the most marvellous characters. This book was written many years ago, and so we regularly review the language to ensure that it can continue to be enjoyed by all today.”

I searched for ”The wonderful words of Roald Dahl can transport you” on Google and found an online sample of a 2017 issue of Danny, The Champion Of The World. Heres a screenshot:

 Romani (with an i) for Gypsy is an obvious red flag—that was not written in 1975 by an English writer whose dates are 1916–1990.

Even Wikipedia currently says Danny and his father live in a Gypsy Caravan rather than a Romani Wagon. Also do you see, above, where Danny had no ”siblings”? In 1975, it was ”brothers and sisters.”

Googles Search Inside feature shows the old version:

Dannys diaper-changing father, a widower, is changed to nappie-changing single parent:

The changes from diaper to nappies and gasoline to petrol are presumably U.S. vs. U.K. editions. But the Romani, single parent, etc. and even the change from ”caravan” to ”wagon” are all modern sensitivity nonsense.

Theyre lying to children about what Dahl wrote, and about how normal people thought as recently as 1975.

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