Sailer: Three Theories Of The Anti-Admissions Testing Fad
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How much of the current anti-admissions test movement by colleges is:

  • Sincerely Woke? Are they really outraged that blacks and Hispanics do worse on average, which, in their worldview, can only be due to the tests being biased?
  • An attempt to get ahead of the coming crash in college students c. 2027 when the tiny cohorts born post-Great Recession start applying to college? By the end of this decade, many colleges will have to scrape the bottom of the barrel so hard just to stay in business that they will need to junk objective measures of who won’t benefit from going to college.
  • A white assault on the growing dominance of Asians in taking tests pretending to be Woke?

My counter-reform would be that no institution would be allowed to get paid by federally subsidized college loans unless they could show they actually used national standardized admissions tests to turn away at least, say, 20% of their applicants. One of the really big scandals of the 21st Century has been educational institutions, especially for-profits, trawling for people with sub-90 IQs to sign up for student loans for education in fields where they will never ever be employed.

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