Self-Defense, Race, And Alvin Bragg—The José Alba Case
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I figured I‘d be performing a public service by including a segment in the latest Radio Derb on José Alba. It‘s been a local story—local, I mean, to New York City and environs. I assume the USA at large pays no more attention to New York City than it has to; so José Alba would be an unfamiliar name out there that I could introduce you to.

Then last night Tucker Carlson featured the José Alba story at the head of his show on Fox News. I‘m guessing there is a big fat overlap between Tucker Carlson viewers and Radio Derb listeners, so Tucker stole my girl there.

No hard feelings, Tuck. I‘m actually, honestly glad to see the case get more national coverage than I could give it. I still want to give it what I can, though, so here is the story.

José Alba is either 51 or 61 years old, depending on which edition of the New York Post you read.

Judging by his pictures I‘ll go with 61. He‘s a white guy who moved here from the Dominican Republic 30 years ago and became a naturalized citizen in 2008. He‘s married with three kids.

At some point in those 30 years Mr. Alba had a small business of his own. Last Friday night, however, he was working as a counter assistant at a relative‘s bodega on 139th Street in the Bronx. A young woman, race unknown, came in to buy potato chips for her child. The balance on her EBT card wasn‘t enough to cover the cost of the chips, though, so Mr. Alba took back the item.

That enraged the woman. She knocked down a counter display, stormed out, and returned ten minutes later with her boyfriend, a 37-year-old black man named Austin Simon. Mr. Simon was a career criminal, out on parole after doing prison time for assaulting a cop. He had at least seven other arrests on his rap sheet; I don‘t know how many led to convictions. José Alba had no criminal record at all.

Austin Simon and his lady attacked Mr. Alba. Simon came round the counter and knocked him down, screaming at him. At some point the female stabbed Mr. Alba in the shoulder and hand with a knife she carried in her purse.

Trapped against the store‘s shelves, Mr. Alba saw a knife there. He grabbed it and stabbed Austin Simon at least five times, with fatal effect. He was still holding the knife when police arrived.

The cops arrested him, then booked him on charges of murder and criminal possession of a weapon. Prosecutors asked that he be held on half-a-million-dollars bail or bond. The judge lowered that to a quarter-million-dollars bail and half-a-million bond.

The villain in this story is, by general agreement, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, a George Soros–funded progressive fanatic in the same mold as George Gascón in L.A., Larry Krasner in Philadelphia, Kim Foxx in Chicago, and the rest of the Soros pack.

I‘m not sure how much of a race angle there is here, but I bet there‘s some. District Attorney Alvin Bragg (right) is black and of course anti-white. Supposing José Alba had been black while Austin Simon and his girlfriend were white, I doubt there would have been a murder charge and I‘m certain there wouldn‘t be quarter-million-dollar bail.

Latest news is that in a hearing yesterday, Thursday, after a lot of public outrage, Mr. Alba‘s bail was reduced to fifty thousand. That means he can be sprung from jail on a five-thousand-dollar bond, and he has been. He has to wear an ankle monitor and stay within New York City, but José Alba‘s back home with his family.

Watching Tucker Carlson‘s coverage of this story, I was curious to see how he‘d play the race angle. Tucker usually keeps race at arm‘s length. He hardly ever says “race“ in fact, only “skin color.“

So I guess if I were to spend all summer at Jones Beach and get a deep tan Tucker would count me African American, while an immigrant albino from Central Africa would have White Privilege. Because, you see, there is no such thing as biological race. It‘s just a social construct! Skin color!

All right, I‘m sure Tucker does the best a guy can do with no scientific education. I watch his show when I can, and only break to wash the dishes when he has one of his segments about flying saucers.

And last night, covering the José Alba story, Tucker was quite bold. At one point he used the phrase “privileged group,“ referring to blacks. That‘s progress.

Hey Tuck: Now that you‘ve discovered the virtues of self-defense, how about a segment on Ahmaud Arbery and the judicial lynching of the Brunswick Three in Georgia this January? A lot of us think that was the worst anti-white outrage of the past several years, but I don‘t recall you giving it any coverage.

Tucker? Hello, Tucker?…


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