Tens Of Thousands Of Reasons To Donate To VDARE.com
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As we close out our first week of fundraising, I’d like to thank the 217 patriots who have stepped up so far. Our traditional year-end fundraiser lasts about five weeks. At this rate, donations are right on track.

This year is an interesting year from a funding perspective, because VDARE.com, as well as the patriotic immigration reform movement more broadly, has suffered a lot at the hands of Treason Lobby enforcers intent on silencing us. Getting our message out in the face of such extreme opposition is no easy task, and it’s heartening to see our loyal supporters sticking by us.

The graphic below describes the absolute volume of news, analysis and commentary that VDARE.com produces. For the past twenty years, VDARE.com has established itself as a sober, fact-based and unflinching source informing the fight to preserve America as our forefathers intended, “for ourselves and our posterity.”

VDARE.com is facing an existential threat from aggressive Leftist deplatforming and censorship. But we, the voice of the historic American nation will not be driven out of the public square.

As my headline indicates, referring to our numerous publications, there are tens of thousands of reasons to donate to VDARE.com. But you only need one: donate today to keep America American.



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