Texas Leads The Way With “Deportations” And Physical Force
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It may have taken longer than needed, but Governor Greg Abbott and the armed forces of Texas have hit their stride. The Texas National Guard, State Guard, and State law enforcement are no longer playing with kid gloves. Texas is now openly deporting illegal aliens caught crossing the Rio Grande and using less-than-lethal force to force illegal aliens back across the river.

First, Texas is actually “deporting” illegal aliens (quotations are there because deportation has an established definition in Federal law, a legal process to remove an alien from the United States). Here, Texas is not using the legal process of deportation, but a more informal, though not less legal, one of expelling invaders. Texas is using its Constitutional authority to repel an invasion.

Here it is on video at 1:08 in. 

Texas Expelling Invaders

The video describes four illegal aliens who crossed the Rio Grande and attempted to climb up the riverbank. They were stopped by the barbed wire fencing, then detained by Guardsmen, and instructed to cross back to Mexico. Now, the water here looks deep and swift. According to the narrator, the illegal aliens walked back across the river, but given the type of boat the Guardsmen were in, I think they were actually given a ride back across. We don’t actually see the aliens wading back, there’s a jump cut, then the aliens are on the other side of the Rio Grande, so I think the Guardsmen did the right thing by helping the illegal aliens back. We don’t want them eaten by the alligator.

Is The Alligator in Border Patrol Green?

Then we have Texas bringing out the big guns, well, the less lethal pepperball guns to keep illegal alien invaders from breaching the border fortifications.

A Big Texas Welcome to Invaders

The Lügenpresse has taken up the story, but only for local special interest publication; the mainstream press is silent, obviously so as to run cover for the Biden Regime.

Several migrant families ran for cover after Texas soldiers fired non-lethal projectiles at illegal border crossers by the Rio Grande in El Paso on Tuesday morning.

A video taken by Border Report shows a Texas Army National Guard member aiming a rifle from behind barbed wire and firing at least one shot in the direction of the river.

Denise and Antonio, two Venezuelan asylum-seekers, placed a piece of cardboard between two shrubs on the Mexican side of the river to protect their 1-year-old daughter from stray shots. “The shots came from the other side,” Antonio said. “Yes, we are afraid for our baby.”

Asylum-Seeking Families Take Cover After Texas National Guard Fires Pepper Balls, by Julian Resendiz, Border Report, May 28, 2024

The claim that pepper balls are being fired across the river is bunk, as pepper ball launchers don’t have that range. The Rio Grande is very wide there. That part of the story was just lies.

But it is good news that Texas is becoming more vigorous in beating back the invasion and doing deportations. In fact, Governor Abbott is the first governor to actually deport illegal aliens, contrary to the moronic claims by the TDS crew, and I applaud his initiative and that of his Guardsmen.

The real question is why the Federal government is silent about this activity. I would have expected the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice to file charges. Perhaps a reason that Governor Abbott should be spending more money getting Donald Trump reelected.

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