Tony Ng, Convicted In 1983 Immigrant Mass Murder, Gets Parole
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Thanks to reader-researcher “W,” who writes

I had forgotten about this incident. Not much to prevent him from re-entering the country under another persona.

Note how Ng got Affirmative Action coming and going. He should have been charged with 13 counts of murder, regardless of whether he pulled the trigger, but instead got robbery and assault. File this under Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome, and criminal justice Affirmative Action.

Tony Ng paroled in Seattle Massacre after 30 years on robbery convictions

October 25, 2013

Fox News/Associated Press

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ABERDEEN, Wash. – One of three men convicted in the 1983 massacre of 13 people at a Seattle gambling club is being paroled.

The Washington Department of Corrections parole board has decided to release Wai Chiu "Tony" Ng (eng) after serving 30 years in prison. He was convicted of robbery and assault for his role in the shooting at the Wah Mee club.

KING-TV reports ( that Ng will be released 35-40 days from Friday to Immigration and Customs Enforcement and will be deported to Hong Kong.

Ng appeared before the Indeterminate Sentence Review Board in August. He said if he's released, he wouldn't fight deportation back to Hong Kong, where his father is sick.

[NS: Of course, he wouldn’t fight it! Deportation would be yet another gift, not that he should he should stay here, either, unless it would be to die via execution, or in a jail cell.]

Two other men convicted of aggravated murder in the shooting are serving life sentences without parole.

[NS: Make that life until parole.]

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