Treason Lobby Blames Border “Deterrence Policies” In Trailer Deaths
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So, the Treason Lobby says, here is who is not to blame for the 50 dead illegal aliens whom authorities discovered inside a tractor-trailer on Monday in San Antonio, Texas:

  • The murderous smugglers;
  • The illegals who willingly jumped in for the ride; or
  • President Joe Biden, who invited illegal aliens to invade the country.

Instead, the culprits are unenforced U.S. immigration laws, and, of course, former President Donald Trump.

Here is Fernando Garcia, executive director of the Border Network for Human Rights:

This is a serious tragedy caused by the deterrence policies on the U.S.-Mexico border. .... Title 42, MPP, the border wall and Gov. Abbott’s Operation Lone Star are clearly responsible for this catastrophic human rights crisis.

[Migrant tragedy spurs calls for reform, crackdown on smugglers, by Julian Resendiz, Border Report, June 28, 2022]

“How many more deaths will it take to make clear Title 42 and MPP do nothing to deter or end migration?” wondered leftist U.S. Representative Veronica Escobar, D-Texas. “My heart breaks for the victims’ families. It’s on Congress to act to stop the next tragedy.”

By “act,” Escobar means Congress must pass an Amnesty and open the borders.

Three of LULAC’s treason lobbyists chimed in [LULAC Blames A Broken Immigration System For The Deaths Of Dozens Of Migrants Found In A Sealed Trailer In Texas, League of United Latin American Citizens, June 28, 2022].

“The politics of President Trump and Governor Abbott to build the wall, deport them all, and Operation Lone Star have all been abysmal failures,” huffed Domingo García, LULAC’s president. 

Here is Lydia Guzman, the outfit’s “National Immigration Chair,” whatever that means:

The lack of real immigration reform puts migrants in danger of falling victims to unscrupulous smugglers.

And Texas’s LULAC chief, Rodolfo Rosales, Jr.:

[F]ar from the political narrative of dangerous criminals, those who have perished were coming here to work. It is sad when our country founded by immigrants now turns its back on them.

The country was not “founded by immigrants”; it was founded by settlers. But the fib serves a purpose: to equate the penniless, Third World illiterates who cross the border illegally with the white English and other settlers who founded and built the country from nothing.

Forgetting the smugglers and irresponsible illegals, just one person is to blame: Traitor Joe Brandon. He invited an invasion, then aided and abetted it by refusing to enforce U.S. immigration law.

Illegals got the message.

POTUS 46 can stop this invasion, and more unnecessary deaths, any time he wants.

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