Trump Is Now The President
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The U.S. presidential inauguration, held every four years, is full of interesting traditions. Besides its purely political significance, it’s a real piece of Americana.

I was at school on Inauguration Day, so I played the ceremony and other activities through most of the school day. I think students ought to be able to see it, after all it only occurs every four years.

And for those of us who’ve been toiling in the vineyards of immigration reform, it’s encouraging to have a new president who has a lot of the same ideas we do. That’s great, especially when you consider that those ideas are what helped get him to the presidency.

President Donald Trump—just let that sink in.

Not that we should declare victory and let our guard down. We shouldn’t. We need to pay attention to what’s going on, and keep the pressure on. Our senators and representatives need a lot of attention and pressure, they can easily be distracted. And it’s important to continue educating the public, who is often fickle.

Let’s hope that in four years we can see real progress has been made.

My 17-year old son was at the inauguration, attending as part of a 4-H Club trip. David had a great time, and we picked him up at the airport on January 21st.

David had already been selected for the trip even before the nomination. So he could have wound up being at Hillary’s innaguration! But, Trump won, and that’s good, as David is an avid Trumpster. (We attended two rallies together  when Trump came to our state.)

So now he has returned, bringing with him various sorts of Trump presidential paraphernalia: President Trump caps, t-shirts, flags, newspapers, keychains, a stocking cap, a button, a Donald Trump bobblehead, a stocking cap and even a pair of President Trump socks.



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