U.S. World Cup Soccer Team Is 46% Black and 0% Mexican
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From my new Taki’s Magazine column on the upcoming World Cup:

Soccer Talk

Steve Sailer

November 16, 2022

… I used to make up rule changes for soccer to make it more exciting like American football. The most obvious way is to stop the action more to let players catch their breath. Have time-outs for TV commercials and allow much more substitution.

Eventually, it was pointed out to me that, like most American sports fans, my basic idea for making soccer more exciting was, in effect, to make it blacker. …

The U.S. men’s World Cup team has long emphasized employing the “best athletes,” which is something of a euphemism for blacks.

By my count, of the 26 players recently named to the U.S. World Cup roster, six appear to have two black parents and six have one. …

Strikingly, the huge focus on blacks left no room for a single player of Mexican descent, despite Mexican-Americans being roughly as numerous as African-Americans and playing a lot more soccer.

Read the whole thing there.

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