Uncontrolled Mass Immigration: ”This Is How You Get Trump”
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On Substack, gay ”more-or-less conservative” pundit Andrew Sullivan has this:


The US, UK, EU and Canada went far left on immigration—and are paying the price.

By Andrew Sullivan, June 7, 2024

It’s subscriber-only, so I can’t read it, but I don’t have to, I’ve heard this before. In fact, I heard it from City Journal over 20 years ago:

How PC Boosts Le Pen

The French demagogue won by addressing reasonable concerns about Arab immigration and French identity that other politicians ducked.

by Theodore Dalrymple, Apr 25 2002

The triumph of Jean-Marie Le Pen in the first round of the French presidential elections is the price France has paid for the refusal of its “respectable” politicians to discuss the problem of a large, undigested, and growing immigrant population from North Africa that congregates—unwanted by the bulk of the population—in huge and soulless modern housing projects that surround French cities, as if besieging them. There are now Muslim ghettos in France so crime-ridden that the police will not enter, except in armored convoys.

Le Pen is an authentically nasty, though intelligent and witty, demagogue, anti-Semitic and xenophobic. He has taken advantage of widespread anxieties that such “respectable” politicians as Jacques Chirac and the defeated Lionel Jospin have preferred to ignore, for fear of appearing illiberal and unenlightened. In the process, Le Pen has reactivated memories of France’s dark Vichyite past, rather as the famous madeleine reactivated Proust’s memories of childhood. [More]

The point is that if you don’t want the kind of politicians who headline writers call ”far-right” you can’t have a political class that totally ignores the bad effects of mass immigration, and supports even more of it.

Instapundit puts it this way when there’s a P.C. or anti-white outrage: Do You Want More Trump? Because This Is How You Get More Trump.

As for the scary far-right politicians in Europe:

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