VDARE.com Conference Update
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As our friends may remember, VDARE.com was scheduled to host our first conference in the spring of 2017, when it was abruptly cancelled by our host venue as a result of Leftist pressure. I am pleased to announce that VDARE.com and Tenaya Lodge have reached a settlement in this matter, and VDARE.com now looks forward to holding future conferences beginning in 2018 at other locations.

Tenaya Lodge is not the only company to cancel contracts with right-wingers and I’m sure the purge is far from over. But we persist, and in fact, I just signed a new venue contract last week and am finalizing the details now for an upcoming announcement. Stay tuned!

There is a school of thought that I should only contract with public facilities, like American Renaissance and NPI do, so as to invoke First Amendment protections that ensure our voices cannot be squelched by corporate cowards – and that is certainly something I am exploring. In the meantime, my team has developed contractual protections that provide VDARE.com with liquidated damages in the case of venue cancellation. The dollar amounts are not high by the standards of larger organizations, but they make a big difference to us in terms of making up for lost time, effort and expense by our team, and even providing us some extra to reinvest in future VDARE.com activities.

I want to thank you all for your support as we find our feet on this issue, particularly those of you who had to wait for your refunds longer than anticipated, as a result of our purge from PayPal. With your support, the voice of patriotic immigration reform gets louder every day!

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