Vote Early And Often—Citizen Or Not
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I've received a number of nice comments and dreadful anecdotes to supplement the noncitizen voting scams mentioned in my article. [Abolishing America (contd.): Supremes Hear Indiana Anti-Illegal Voter Case]Here's one example:

In a March 2002 article in the Arizona Republic, the paper reported that Romelia Calderon was arrested for voter fraud (voting while not a citizen). She only found out that she was unqualified to participate in U.S. elections when she herself tried to run for office in the municipality of El Mirage in Maricopa County. The memorable quote from Ms. Calderon was: "Non-documented people [illegal aliens] get registered left and right. Some people know they can't, but they get convinced to do it."[Candidate admits fraud, quits race Arizona Republic, March 28 2002.(Pay archive)]

Who convinces them? How? Why?

These scenarios would make for a long running TV series, "VoteBusters."


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