Who Is Keeping Score On Obama’s Failed Pardons?
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As expected, the black beneficiaries of Obama’s mass pardon/commutations are already returning to whence they came. As reported by myself and others over the last few years here on VDARE.COM, Obama commuted the sentences of a whopping 1715 federal inmates and outright pardoned another 212. These pardons were heavily weighted to black drug offenders. The reason he gave was a belief that the justice system was rigged against his fellow African-Americans.

It seems that Carole Denise Richardson  (above right) one of his fellows who needed a second chance, is back in custody for theft and according to authorities, “Richardson violated five separate terms of her release including failing to report that she was arrested, that she’d been terminated from a job for failing to show up and that she had changed her address.” [Texas woman granted clemency by Obama ordered back to federal prison for multiple violations, by Gabrielle Banks, Houston Chronicle, June 8, 2017]

She had an extensive rap sheet before her initial sentencing to life in prison in 2006. Clearly, she was not a good risk for clemency but she was the right color.

This story has been making the rounds but one must ask, how many more are returning to the system? What’s the track record?

The place to look is the Bureau of Justice Statistics, particularly recidivism studies. Alas, these are old and bear heavily on state rather than federal offenders. Some studies I’ve seen are obvious attempts to justify the former president’s pardon binge.

As Obama left office with this legacy of unleashed drug felons, is it too much to ask Attorney General Sessions to start keeping a running count of clemency/pardon failures? I think he would do this, especially if prompted to by Congressmen and we patriots.

Let’s turn up the heat.


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