Who won the Cold War? They did.
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H/T LewRockwell.com for drawing my attention to White & Guilty: 'Whiteness' Workshop Helps Expose Your Inner Racist Jonathan Kay National Post Friday April 02 2010

I strongly commend this essay to anyone over 35 who does not have children in the Education Gulag. The extent and fanaticism of the coercive indoctrination on race issues to which the young are subjected is beyond belief - and needless to say abhorrent to a free society.

Kay does a good job of elucidating the Marxist origins of this poisonous rubbish:

The instructor's Cold War-era Marxist jargon added to the retro intellectual vibe. Like just about everyone in the class, she took it for granted that racism is an outgrowth of capitalism, and that fighting one necessarily means fighting the other: "classism is a form of oppression." The real problem faced by visible minorities in our capitalist society isn't a lack of understanding, "it's the fundamentally inequitable nature of wage labour."

Perhaps this is less varnished in Canada.

Lew Rockwell's rubric is funny

White Canadians Are Deeply Racist. To deny that is deeply racist. In fact, everything is deeply racist.

The substance, however, is definitely not funny. Could brainwashing have been more extensive if the USSR had triumphed?

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