Will Congress Obey Netanyahu on Border Fencing Too?
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Now THIS is a Border Fence! (Qalqilya, West Bank)

Following their servile Stalin era- like display of deference to Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, the question is will Congress follow his lead?

Construction has been completed on the first permanent section of a border fence between Israel and Egypt… which will be nearly 135 miles long when it is completed in mid-2012. A decision to speed up construction of the fence was made in the ministry just days after Egypt opened its Rafah border crossing with Gaza in the Sinai.
Work stepped up on Israel-Egypt border fence JTA.org June 2, 2011 Like the recent deployment of dogs on the West Bank border, this action is aimed at work-seeking migrants, not terrorists:
Infiltration of the border by illegal migrants has dropped by 50 percent since construction of the fence began last November… African migrants generally enter Israel through its largely unmonitored border with Egypt's Sinai… including 2,600 since the beginning of the year
Netanyahu cares about the economic well-being of his fellow-countrymen. Do our Congesscritters care about theirs? Illustration from The No-Longer Temporary Occupation By Joseph Dana Forward June 05, 2011
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