Would You Fly In An Airplane From A Company Whose Motto Is, "We Put Diversity First"?
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Late on Wednesday, Steve Sailer ruminated here that:

[I]n my new Taki’s Magazine column, “The Trillion-Dollar Question,” I point out that Google’s decision to fire James Damore due to hurt feelings raises some questions about how confident you would feel entrusting your life to Google’s long-promised self-driving car.

I was thinking about the extremely high level of objective competence needed to increase the passengers’ safety. Keeping passengers’ bodies from getting hurt may well require that Google diversity employees’ feelings sometimes get hurt. Conversely, keeping diversity employees’ feelings from getting hurt may well require that passengers’ bodies sometimes get hurt.

[Link in original; emphasis added.]

The boldfaced passage brings to mind a quotation that Dinesh D'Souza used for a chapter heading in his 1995 book The End of Racism.  It make's Steve's point in a more compact and probably more memorable form:
Would you fly in an airplane from a company whose motto is, "We Put Diversity First"?

—Arthur Hu, Asian Week

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