11 Oregon Counties Vote to Join "Greater Idaho" | VDARE Video Bulletin
December 05, 2022, 11:40 AM
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Conservative Eastern Oregon has voted to join “Greater Idaho” and secede from the Portland-dominated state.

Following the election, Morrow and Wheeler counties have voted on the seccessionary move, putting the total number of counties in support of the divorce from Oregon at 11.

The leader of the Greater Idaho movement, Mike McCarther said, quote: 

“We call on the Legislature to let each half of the state go their separate ways in peace,”

“It should simply stop holding our counties captive in this unhappy marriage.”


Idaho Governor Brad Little responded to the idea last year, saying:

“They’re looking at Idaho fondly because of our strong economy, regulatory atmosphere and our values,”

“There’s a lot that needs to happen before moving the border is within the realm of possibility.”


Paul Kersey writes for VDARE.com:

The push for Greater Idaho is a reminder some spirit of 1776 still exists. May it start to flourish in occupied portions of the country, such as in Western Maryland, Upper New York, parts of Michigan and Pennsylvania, as well as much of Minnesota and Illinois.

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