"Greater Idaho" Secession Bill Passes Idaho House | VDARE Video Bulletin
March 01, 2023, 04:58 PM
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American polarization is growing at a rapid pace. Indeed, it seems that we are facing a future where those who find themselves at either extreme of political and social ideologies may no longer be able to coexist peaceably. 

Civil war aside, the ideal resolution would be for counties and municipalities to simply go their separate ways, and secede from their respective states. Movements have arisen in California, Maryland, Michigan, New York, Texas, and Virginia.

In November, the Greater Idaho movement received support from Monro and Wheeler counties in Eastern Oregon. This movement, if successful, would result in eleven Oregon counties separating from the Beaver State and joining Idaho.

Recently, Idaho’s House of Representatives voted for the Greater Idaho bill that will permit legislators to open negotiations with Oregon about relocating their shared border.

Supporters of the bill touted the possibility that Oregon’s loose laws on drugs would grow more distant from citizens of Idaho with the addition of the eleven Eastern Oregon counties.

Additionally, Eastern Oregon’s rich ranches and farmlands would provide an economic boost to the state of Idaho.

So why does Eastern Oregon want to leave the state? 

Well, 79 percent of Oregon’s population and voters are in leftist northwest Oregon. They control the state. Thus, Oregon won’t protect its residents from thugs, illegal aliens, communist rioters, and other undesirables

Taxes are lower in Idaho, where the “average Idahoan paid $1,722 less in taxes in 2019 than the average Oregonian. Oregon tax rates continue to go up due to a lack of willingness to control spending.

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