June 2022: Another Month in the Death of White America | VDARE Video Bulletin
July 21, 2022, 06:30 PM
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In the month of June, VDARE’s Kenn Gividen logged 28 Black-on-White homicides in his monthly Death of White America series.

We begin with a story out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania—a city which set a record for homicides in 2021, and seems to be on track to continue making deadly records.

On June 28, 21-year-old Jailen Holton was enjoying a night out with her friends at the Philly Bar & Restaurant, where she was supposed to act as the group’s designated driver. Unfortunately, senseless tragedy occurred after 47-year-old Anthony Nelson was denied access to the bar’s pool tables during an ongoing tournament. Nelson made a scene at the bar, was kicked out, and returned with a firearm. Nelson then carelessly fired his weapon through the bar’s windows, striking Holton in the head. She was transported to hospital and died the next morning.

Nelson fled the scene, and was later discovered by U.S. Marshals over a week later while at a Casino in Atlantic City.

And in Illinois, Liese Dodd, an 8-month pregnant mother-to-be was decapitated by her black ex-boyfriend.

Now Deundrea Holloway faces two counts of first-degree murder for the death of Dodd and her unborn baby.

Alton Police Cheif Marcos Pulido described the 22-year-old Holloway as a “monster.”

The discovery of Dodd’s body came just weeks before her planned baby shower. Worried about her daughter’s sudden lack of communication, Dodd’s mother traveled to her residence, where she found Liese’s decapitated head in a dumpster.

These stories are gruesome, and often hard to read, but the unfortunate truth remains—Black violence and criminality is all too common, and all too underreported by the mainstream media, which is why we at VDARE.com shed light on the lives lost to it.

Read the 28 stories of Black-On-White homicide here.

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