Mayra Flores And The GOP’s Tejano Temptation | VDARE Video Bulletin
June 23, 2022, 06:23 PM
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If only because of the illegal-alien invasion at the southwest border, Republicans have been rightly optimistic about crushing Biden’s party in November. And Mexico-born Mayra Flores’ victory in the special election for Texas 34th congressional district has reinforced those not-unwarranted hopes

Flores’ background is unusual. She was born in Tamaulipas State in Mexico, and her husband is a Border Patrol agent—named John Vallejo, a typically assimilated Tejano name.

But GOP strategists must not imagine that Flores’ success means Hispanics are running to the GOP nationwide.

That’s because the long-established Tejanos of Texas are culturally distinct 

Their ancestors include descendants of Spanish settlers present in the colonial period, as well as German and other European immigrants who learned Spanish, plus Mexicans who fled the extremely bloody and Leftist 1910-1920 Mexican Revolution. In many respects we could be witnessing an ethnogenesis, where Tejanos realize they share interests with Middle America and have no desire to join the Democrats’ anti-American coalition. They have more in common with America’s white working class. Like working-class whites, they have an economic interest in keeping low-wage immigrants out of the country to protect jobs and strengthen labor’s negotiating power.

If Republicans overperform with certain Hispanic subgroups, good for them. But the key issue of our time is consolidating the white working class vote to protect our national character.

Anything else is a distraction.

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