Starbucks CEO Admits Wokeness is Destroying the Country | VDARE Video Bulletin
July 22, 2022, 12:13 PM
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In 2015, Starbucks went completely Woke with “Race Together.”

And in 2020, after seeing their store’s windows shatter in the racial-reckoning, the company doubled down, even releasing a new line of employee uniforms which displayed the Black Lives Matter fist of peace.

Now, the company billing itself as the “window into America,” realizes Wokeness is breaking the nation. 

If Starbucks is a “window into America,” it’s obvious our nation is broken.

The only way to fix our nation is to be honest about who is breaking the country.

Hint: it’s the same people we are told are victims of pervasive, omnipresent white supremacy white privilege and systemic inequality

Read the full story by Paul Kersy here.

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