Brenda Walker Has a Little List
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Brenda Walker, of writes

Best single item?  Best list?

Most audacious? Least PC?

Anyway, here's a little list...

Changes Needed:

Increased border security is necessary; merely adding precautions at airports is not enough.

• Foreigners are not citizens. The tendency to accord foreign nationals the same rights as Americans is counterproductive with the current situation of Islamic Jihad against America.

• Foreign students should be tracked meticulously.

• Implement Section 110 of the 1996 immigration bill which would track the entries and exits of foreigners at the border.

• Rescind Section 245(i), the amnesty formulation which allows foreigners illegally in the U.S. to pay a small fee in order to avoid returning to their home country for a proper security check.

• Contributions to terrorist organizations are already prohibited by law, but the punishment only requires that contributors be "excluded from the United States." Additional punishment is indicated.

• Naturalized citizens should not be allowed in the U.S. armed forces. Ali Mohamed, a convicted bomber of the American embassies in Africa, was born in Egypt and had served in the U.S. Special Forces for three years and apparently was affiliated with the Egyptian Islamic Jihad at the time.

• End dual citizenship.

• End the Diversity Visa program.

• Deport illegal aliens, starting with those from countries that are state supporters of terrorism.

Brenda Walker

October 10, 2001

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