Diversity Is Strength! It's Also…Arab Stabbing Attacks
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What VDARE.COM has identified as Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome strikes again: Arab immigrant Elias Abuelazam is currently in custody in Michigan on suspicion of being the serial stabber responsible for twenty attacks in the Flint area of Michigan; Leesburg, Virginia, and Toledo, Ohio. In five cases, the victims died.

These attacks took place in the spring and summer of this year and resulted in five deaths. The serial stabber's modus operandi was to approach the mostly older Black male victims and ask for directions and then begin stabbing them repeatedly in the torso and the abdomen. The attacks took place at late at night or early in the morning.

Before Abuelazam's arrest, the Michigan State Police  released a sketch of the suspect, which showed a typical working Anglo-Celtic Middle American male with a baseball cap, a goatee, and an earring.

Of course, the dark Semite Abuelazam looks nothing like that sketch. But the police were probably so afraid of antagonizing the state's large Arab population by accurately depicting the suspect that they decided to sacrifice the public's safety to Political Correctness. (PC police sketches may be an emerging trend—VDARE.COM's Nicholas Stix recently reported another example from North Carolina.)

Another possible reason for the glaring inaccuracy: Abuelazam's alleged victims were mostly Black. The police and the MainStream Media perhaps just could not bring themselves to believe that a non-European immigrant would attack Blacks. After all, in the catechism of anti-White political correctness, non-European immigrants are the Blacks' fellow victims of those terrible and oppressive American White Christians.[Experts unsure if attacks are racially motivated, WJRT-TV, August 10, 2010]

In another significant obfuscation, media reports primarily described Abuelazam as "Israeli" or "Israeli national". Elias Abuelazam was indeed born in the Israeli city of Ramle. However, in all other articles about Arabs born in pre-1967 Israel, they are described as "Palestinians" or "Palestinian citizens of Israel", with the obvious implication that the Jewish state is so oppressive that an Arab cannot be a full-fledged Israeli.

But in this case, when an Israeli Arab is suspected in a series of brutal anti-Black attacks, he automatically became an "Israeli". This is because of the "poor Palestinian" doctrine central to the modern MSM: Thou shalt never, ever criticize a Palestinian, especially a Muslim one for even the most terrible acts of terrorism without a qualifying, obfuscating reference to Israeli oppression.

Abuelazam is a Christian, not a Muslim. But the fact that his Christianity is at best nominal and that he was known as a menacing drug abuser and a virtual outcast in Ramle's Christian Arab community was not mentioned at all by the American MSM.

Also, the purveyors of the "poor Palestinian" myth forget that nominally Christian Palestinians were responsible for a disproportionally large number of terror attacks. (And, as mentioned in Alien Nation, the 1968 shooting of Robert F. Kennedy.)

Thus nominally Greek Orthodox George Habash founded the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). This terror group was responsible for the popularization of airplane hijackings and is responsible for such grisly attacks as the bombing of a Swissair flight in 1970 that resulted in the deaths of forty seven passengers; the murder of twenty-eight passengers in the Lod Airport massacre of 1972; and numerous suicide bombings in Israel in 2002-2004. Habash's PFLP was second only to Hamas in their intransigence and to his last days; Habash was opposed to the two-state solutions and all negotiations with Israel.

Another nominally Christian Palestinian terrorist leader is Nayef Hawatmeh, a Melkite turned Marxist founder of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP). Hawatmeh's group was responsible for the infamous Maalot massacre of 1974 in which DFLP terrorists seized a high school in Galilee and murdered twenty-three students.

Since the 1980s, fatal stabbing attacks have been a common modus operandi for Arab terrorists in Israel. Thus on May 3, 1989, an Arab stabbed two people to death during a rampage in a Jerusalem shopping center. The year 1991 saw a major surge in Arab stabbing attacks, especially on tourists, including the murder of four people at a Jerusalem bus stop by a knife wielding Arab; the murder of a French tourist in Bethlehem; the murder of a German and the attempted murder of an Italian tourist in Jerusalem.

The fatal stabbing attacks continued the 1990s and 2000s all over Israel. A rabbi was murdered in his bedroom in the middle of the night; a cab driver was stabbed on the road by his Arab passenger; several people were murdered while strolling near their homes in Jerusalem; a woman was murdered in the middle of a Haifa street as part of an initiation rite into a Palestinian terrorist organization.

Additionally, repeated stabbing all over the body is the Palestinians' favorite method of murdering kidnapped Israeli soldiers and police.

In sum, the fact that a Palestinian is allegedly responsible for a series of stabbing attacks is not a surprise at all.

The bottom line for America: these stabbings would not have happened if not for lax American immigration policy.

If shady troublemakers like Elias Abuelazam, whose crowning professional achievement was a cashier job in a Michigan liquor store, were excluded from this country, five Americans would still be alive today.

Eugene Girin [email him] immigrated legally from the Republic of Moldova in 1994 at the age of 10. He has been published by VDARE.COM, Front Page Magazine, and currently writes at Alternative Right.

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