EMERGENCY UPDATE FROM LYDIA BRIMELOW: Online Donations Completely Cut Off By Cyberattacks, Please Send Checks!
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Online donations are completely cut off for VDARE Foundation today, the most significant charitable giving day of the year. We have not been deplatformed. We have been knocked out by online attacks. No data has been leaked. We've just received an unrelenting stream of fraudulent charges from malicious actors and are unable to stem the tide.

Of course, this is heartbreaking for me and my team. We have had a rough year and were hoping to make up somewhat with our year-end appeal.

If you have ever considered a donation to VDARE Foundation, I urge you to act now. Please write a check and send it to VDARE, PO Box 211, Litchfield CT. Or set up online bill pay with your own bank. I'm not able to man the phones as consistently as I would like today, but I can also take credit card donations that way—office # is 860-361-6231. If you call me and I don't answer, please leave a message and I promise I will call you back.

To repeat, here's the mailing address and phone number:

For any questions or to donate by phone, please call Lydia at the VDARE.com office 860-361-6231.

To make a tax-deductible contribution by mail, click here for a printer friendly form.

To download address labels for Avery 5160 or 8160 sheets, please click here.

Mailing address:
The VDARE Foundation
PO Box 211
Litchfield, CT 06759



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