Happy New Year from VDARE.COM!
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It's New Year, (although, thanks to multiculturalists, the New Year may now come at any time of year at all). We've prepared a smorgasbord of clippings from previous New Years. VDARE.COM has been in business since the end of the last century —making this our fifth New Years—thanks to support from writers, readers…and DONORS.

This was one of VDARE.COM's earliest Christmas stories, How the HUD Stole Christmas

(*Warning: the Supreme Court may determine at any moment that use of the Gregorian Calendar violates the separation of Church and State, demonstrates Euro centric bias and is quite probably a hate crime. )

Two Quotes For The New Millennium

"Mark my words. I am going to have more problems with members of my own party than I will with Democrats…If anybody comes to me demanding this and telling me to do that, they'll be finished…I had to change the idea that my party was against things. Against immigrants…."— George W. Bush:

Q: How will Bangladesh feed, educate, employ and house those kinds of numbers?

[President of Bangladesh]: We'll send them to America! [ Laughter.]

"New Year's is often the occasion for looking ahead at what the future will bring, and for the United States whatever we can see doesn't look much like it did in the past. From California comes news that that state will soon look even less like it used to—and as California goes, so goes the nation. "

"I resolve to be more aware of the efforts of well-organized, well-funded and influential organizations whose mission it is to destroy the United States as I know and love it. I further resolve to become more active in fighting back."

And what's ahead for 2004?

On the one hand, the Bush administration is planning some kind of horrible revival of amnesty, about which all we really know is that it's not supposed to be a "blanket" amnesty. But that depends on what the meaning of "blanket" is.

On the other hand, as with the Khristmaskampf, there are increasing signs of resistance across America. For example, the Virginia department of Motor Vehicles is planning harder for illegals to get driver's licenses in the New Year. North Carolina is doing the same thing. 

Small signs, certainly. But it's the way a nation decapitated by bipartisan betrayal on this life-or-death issue begins the painful process of growing a new head.

VDARE.COM will be here to help. A Happy New Year to all our many readers.

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