Is There Any Option? Biden Must Be Impeached Over Impending Title 42 Border Collapse
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With Title 42 public-health expulsion of illegal aliens set to end on May 11, Traitor Joe Biden wants you to believe he will stop the invasion he has been aiding and abetting since he took the oath of office. The latest get-tough charade: his sending 1,500 military troops to the border, supposedly to help control it. In fact, they’ll help move more illegals into the country. And Biden’s lying lackeys claim his policies have massively reduced illegal-alien crossings. How much more must Biden and his Treason Lobby gang do to persuade House Republicans to impeach him?

President Trump triggered Title 42 during the Flu Manchu panic. Treason Lobbyists waged lawfare against it, but now that the public health emergency Trump cited is over, Biden will simply end it. Problem: It was one of the few measures in place to slow the invasion. Illegals aren’t any healthier than they were when Trump imposed the order, but that won’t stop Biden from scrapping it.

Not unexpectedly, potential “migrants” the world over know this is happening and, accordingly, are storming the border at an unprecedented rate. Border agents encountered more than 73,000 in the final 10 days of April, not including another 17,000 gotaways. And those numbers are a mere preview of what is to come, officials say, when Title 42 ends [90,000 Migrants Cross US Border in 10 Days as Panic Over Title 42 End Sets In, by Mary Ann Martinez, New York Post, May 1, 2023].

The Border Patrol estimates that agents might encounter 10,000 per day [US to expand migrant processing abroad after Title 42 policy ends, by Suzanne Monyak, Roll Call, April 27, 2023]. Tens of thousands are heading for Mexico; 15,000 Haitians are teeming south of the border and waiting to cross once they needn’t fear a Title 42 deportation. Foreign nationals from Ghana, India, and Colombia are flying into Mexico for their big shot at the American dream [Title 42 Countdown: Migrants Fly from Around the World to Rush U.S. Border, by John Binder, Breitbart, May 3, 2023].

American cities can’t take in any more illegals. El Paso is a giant refugee camp with illegals living on the streets [Illegal migrants mixing with admitted asylum seekers, causing chaos in El Paso, by Mary Ann Martinez, New York Post, May 2, 2023]. Chicago and New York City are begging Texas to stop busing illegals to the sanctuaries because they can’t afford them [Texas Gov. Greg Abbott promises to keep busing migrants to Democratic cities, by Natasha Korecki, NBC News, May 1, 2023]. But the burden will worsen after May 11.

However, the Biden Regime and its spokeslady say not to worry. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, the immigrant black lesbian poster girl for Affirmative Action, preposterously claimed that illegal immigration is down by 90 percent under Biden. Maybe in Biden World that’s true. But out here in the real world where the sky is blue, the claim is risibly false. Fiscal 2022 saw the highest number of illegal-alien encounters, almost 2.4 million, and 2023, already at 1.22 million, will probably exceed the grim milestone. The leftist Mainstream Media cared nothing about the lie and let it stand.

When Fox News’s Peter Doocy asked for a source for the 90 percent figure, Jean-Pierre attacked his “dramatics” and insisted her figure was correct because of Biden’s “parole program.” That program offers tens of thousands of would-be illegals from Cuba, Haiti, Venezuela, and Nicaragua the chance to come to the U.S. legally. The regime says that the policy worked because infiltration numbers decreased in January and February after December’s record high. But the numbers dropped because officials figured out how to hide the true figures for border apprehensions. Overall, apprehensions have increased significantly since the winter, despite the parole program’s alleged success [Karine Jean-Pierre Gets Agitated When Pressed On Her Claim Illegal Immigration Is Down 90% Under Biden, by Brandon Gillespie, Fox News, May 2, 2023].

Regime officials know the lies can only go so far. Biden wants to show he’s trying to stop the invasion he is actually aiding and abetting. That’s where the 1,500 troops come in. The Main Stream Media dutifully reported on the deployments, suggesting the soldiers would enforce the law. Not so. Biden deployed them to help with the paperwork and logistics of importing even more illegals.

The Associated Press explained:

Military personnel will do data entry, warehouse support and other administrative tasks so that U.S. Customs and Border Protection can focus on fieldwork, White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre said Tuesday. The troops “will not be performing law enforcement functions or interacting with immigrants, or migrants,” Jean-Pierre said. “This will free up Border Patrol agents to perform their critical law enforcement duties.”

The move didn’t receive a joyous reception on Capitol Hill. Both Democrats and Republicans criticized the troop deployment. “It’s ridiculous theater. It will not change the outcome [of ending Title 42],” South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham said. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz agreed, saying Biden’s own immigration policies prevent soldiers from enforcing immigration law.

Democrats attacked the move on entirely different grounds. Said New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez:

The Biden Administration’s militarization of the border is unacceptable. There is already a humanitarian crisis in the Western Hemisphere, and deploying military personnel only signals that migrants are a threat that require our nation’s troops to contain. Nothing could be further from the truth.

[Bipartisan senators furious with Biden troop deployment to border: ’Ridiculous theater,’ by Anna Giaritelli, Washington Examiner, May 3, 2023]

Biden isn’t just relying on troops to import illegals as fast as he possibly can. He’s opening new processing centers in Latin America. Personnel there will instruct “migrants” on their options and help them apply for asylum. In other words, Biden will legalize the illegals before they get to the border [U.S. Takes New Steps to Reduce Migrant Arrivals When Title 42 Border Rule Ends in May, by Camilo Montoya-Galvez and Margaret Brennan, CBS News, April 27, 2023].

The regime is also touting a deal with Mexico, but that’s also intended to mask the invasion, not stop it. According to NumbersUSA’s Rosemary Jenks, Mexico will detain illegals while America quietly buses them into the country for processing and release. That means fewer videos of illegals storming across the border. “It’s all designed to mask what is the intended goal of the Biden administration— which is to bring in as many people as possible,” Jenks told Breitbart’s Neil Munro.

Continued Jenks:

You no longer have videos of hundreds of people streaming across the Rio Grande [because] people are being flown in on taxpayer dollars, [and] poor people are coming through the ports of entry—again, with no legal right to be there—so that it doesn’t look like chaos…. [But] the end result is exactly the same: A massive number of people with no right to be here coming into the United States, using taxpayer dollars, taking taxpayer-funded services, competing for housing, competing for jobs, all of the rest of it.

[White House Deal with Mexico: More Migrants, Less Video, May 3, 2023]

All of this is on top of Biden’s parole program, which imports 30,000 would-be illegals a month. The New York Times’s Miriam Jordan called it a “new back door” for immigrants [Biden Opens a New Back Door on Immigration, April 23, 2023].

President Biden has had more than two years to stop the invasion. Earlier this year, he pretended he would get serious about it, for instance, by reimplementing family separation in detention. But that was a pretense. He wants the invasion to continue because he supports the Great Replacement.

Polls show Americans strongly disapprove of Biden’s immigration performance. It does him no political favors to allow the crisis to escalate. But that really doesn’t matter. Biden’s goal—the Democrat Party and Treason Lobby’s goal—is dispossessing and replacing the Historic American Nation. For them, it’s both a moral and political imperative. In the short term, even losses at the polls won’t matter if they can import enough Third World “migrants” to wreck the country demographically.

So nothing will persuade Biden to stop the invasion by enforcing the immigration laws. The necessary response: impeachment. Trump, after all, was impeached over far less.

Republicans must send the message that Biden will be punished, and not just by voters. They must draw up and introduce the articles of impeachment and vote on them. The Democrat-controlled Senate, of course, won’t remove Biden from office. The message is the point.

Aiding and abetting an invasion of the United States—Biden’s blatant border treason—cannot go unchallenged. Impeachment is the only serious answer.

Washington Watcher II [Email him] is an anonymous DC insider.

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