The Fulford File, By James Fulford
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Happy New 2005!

VDARE.COM wishes all our readers a Happy New Year—especially if you're one of our Australian readers; it's already New Year there.

We want to thank all our generous readers who sent donations, thank in advance all those readers who are about to, (the calendar year ends tonight, but with a credit card donation, you can still make it) and to all the readers who didn't send anything, we love you anyhow.

My last year's round up of New Year's cheer included a link to Happy New Year – Unhappy Old Nation? by Sam Francis.

And that was before President Bush's January gift to illegal aliens and their corporate employers, referred to by the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board as "immigration reform," and by VDARE.COM as "The Bush Betrayal."  

(Please do not confuse this with James Bovard's work on civil liberties, The Bush Betrayal.It's a different betrayal altogether, although, as Sam Francis notes, there are connections.)

What will the New New Year bring? Whatever—we'll be here to protest it, thanks to our supporters.

P.S. Here, for the benefit of readers who may have missed them, are our Christmas Meditations from years past, which we forgot to post this Christmas Eve:

2001 A Christmas Meditation: St. Augustine on the National Question.

Christmas Meditation 2002: Christ, The "Other", And Counterfeit Citizens

Christmas Meditation 2003: This Royal Night

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