Massive New Senate Amnesty Bill Uses  "Big Lie" Technique Again
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On Tuesday, May 15, 2007, Grassfire's website has summarized a copy of a leaked plan for a new 'comprehensive immigration reform' proposal being developed behind closed doors by the Bush Administration and some Republicans in the Senate.  Its dreary points confirm the same old, same old, only with greater cost and less likely scrutiny.

These open border Senators will sell us out in a New York minute and constantly keep hoping that by using  the old Nazi propaganda expert Joseph Goebbels' technique of telling the Big Lie over and over that they can hornswoggle voters into thinking they have made a silk purse from a sow's ear.

They can't because you have heard all these tired, bad ideas (e.g. lies) before.

Examples from the Grassfire summary of the Bush plan, it calls the "Z" Amnesty Plan:

  1. Provides guaranteed three-step path to citizenship for 12-20 million illegals.
  2. Immediately creates a legal status for 12-20 million illegal aliens.
  3. Allows current illegals to stay legally in our country indefinitely.
  4. Does not require a "touch back" to obtain Z-visa (only for Green Card app).
  5. Gives illegals healthcare/education benefits and back credit for Social Security wages.

Here are the Grassfire details, again simply hyping the same old song at more cost to American Citizens:

Key Points Of Bush's Proposal In More Detail

  • Z Visa for Illegals. Under the proposal being floated by the Bush Administration, a new classification of visas, the "Z Visa," would be created for all illegal aliens living in the United States at a certain point in time.
  • Instant Legalization for illegals. As a first step toward receiving the Z Visa, illegals would have 12 months to come "out of the shadows" and receive a probationary card, which in essence grants them transitionary legal status in the country. No "touchback" to home country required to obtain probationary card. It is unclear if they must pay fines or fees at this point.
  • After "Triggers", Z Visas Issued. After certain "triggers" are met (border security, fence, background check, etc), those with probationary cards would be issued "secure long-term Z visas." $2,000 fine and $1,500 fee due every three years. No "touchback" to home country required to obtain Z Visa.
  • Taxpayer-Funded Benefits. Z-visa holders are eligible for medical care and primary/secondary education. Illegals would also be eligible for SS wages for wages earned as illegal if they used their own SSN. No "touchback" to home country required to obtain benefits.
  • Long-Term Legal Status. Z visa holders can stay legally in our country on an indefinite basis as long as they re-up every three years for $3,500. No "touchback" to home country required to stay in country indefinitely under Z Visa.
  • Direct Path to Citizenship. Z visa holders would then be able to apply for a Green Card, paying a $2,000 fine and an $8,000 application fee. Head of household would then have to "touch back" to home country, with guaranteed re-entrance on Z-visa.

This latest effort levies heavy environmental, cultural, and economic costs, which are again being happily hoisted by these special interest power blocks on us citizens.  These evil amnesty promoters know this and yet they rush ahead.  We can only pray a few level heads like Senator Jeff Sessions can keep this from getting through.  As a Democrat, I am clearly ready to vote in the future  for anyone from either party or an independent who can show me promise of real reform, not these hackneyed regurgitations from the bellies of the greedy.

Folks, how long are we going to keep dogs like these in office?  We have no choice on Bush, since no one has the guts to impeach him, but surely in the next cycle anyone who signs on to this amnesty band wagon should be voted out of office.  The same greedy employers, some religious leaders and the ethnic lobbies are trying to change the will of the vast majority of American citizens who for years have asked for real reform and gotten bad legislation and lip service promises of reform.  Disgusting. 

Donald A. Collins [email him], is a freelance writer living in Washington DC and a former long time member of the board of FAIR, the Federation for American Immigration Reform. His views are his own.

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