Said In Spanish: Dual Citizen Actress Activist Tells Illegals How Not To Get Arrested; A New App For Dreamers; The América Thing; Etc.
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Kate del Castillo Tells Illegals Not To Do Stuff They Normally Do In Case They Get Caught And Deported

Kate del Castillo is a rich white Mexican movie actress who became a U.S. citizen in September of 2015, while maintaining her Mexican citizenship. Naturally, this was in contravention of the naturalization oath, but the Supreme Court legislated that away in Afroyim v. Rusk.

Kate seems to have become an American citizen partly as a way of opposing Donald Trump. After all, she published a photo of herself taking her naturalization oath, along with a Tweet proclaiming to (then Republican candidate) Trump that ”I'm a #newUScitizen I SPEAK OUT & I don't support you or your #animalkiller son #fuerzalatina.”

Almost two years later, Kate is still at it, releasing a video for the benefit of Mexican illegal aliens in the United States. In the video, the actress/activist counsels her fellow Mexicans (in Spanish) who are in the U.S. illegally how to avoid detention and deportation.

My translation:

Dear Fellow Mexicans. It is very important today that more than even you be careful what you do.

Today any misdemeanor can have grave consequences.

Do not commit any sort of administrative misdemeanor.

Domestic violence—violence against the woman is a cause of arrest and deportation.

Care for, protect your family, the women.

If you don’t have a driver’s license, don’t drive.

Do not falsify any document and don’t do anything that makes you vulnerable.

Spanish original:

Queridos paisanos. Es muy importante que hoy mas que nunca cuides tus actos.Hoy cualquier falta puede tener consequencias mayores. No cometes ningún tipo de falta administrativa.La violencia domestica—la violencia contra la mujer es motivo de arresto y deportación. Cuida, proteje tu familia, tus mujeres. Si no cuentas con licencia de conducir, no manejes.No falsifiques ningún papel y no hagas nada que vulnera tu situación.           

Source (article and video):

[Kate del Castillo da consejos a los paisanos para evitar la deportación,By Gardenia Mendoza, La Opinión, June 29, 2017]

Very revealing.

Kate del Castillo doesn’t want “fellow Mexicans” to be deported, so she’s telling them to avoid trouble. Obviously, she’s concerned some actually will get in trouble without her warning.

But in giving this advice, she is implicitly admitting that some Mexican illegals in the United States—

  1. Drive without a driver’s license
  2. Falsify documentation
  3. Commit domestic violence
Now if we say illegals do such things, we are haters, xenophobes, or racists.

But Kate del Castillo can publicly tell Mexican illegals not to do such things because she knows a lot of them do such things and she doesn’t want them to get deported!


The Dreamers App—Just What They Need

Recently I reported on a meeting in New York City—sponsored by the Mexican government—for Mexican DREAMers, recipients of the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) amnesty. The meeting was also the setting for the official launch of a computer app developed by a DREAMER for DREAMers, designed to inform them of their “rights” so they don’t get deported.

President Trump is right—they really are “exceptional”!

Though DREAMers are illegals, they’ve been kinda-sorta semi-provisionally legalized by our former president and allowed to maintain that status under President Trump. And now one of them developed a technical innovation to keep them out of trouble!

An application for cell phones developed by the Mexican DREAMer David Morales seeks to educate the immigrant community about their rights that they have in case they have an encounter with migratory authorities or the police.

[‘Soñador’ mexicano desarrolla aplicación para ayudar a inmigrantes, By Sebastian Uribe, Mundo Hispanico, June 16, 2017]

And guess how DREAMer David Morales was inspired to create his technological innovation?
The idea of creating the app Derecho de Inmigrantes y Ayuda [Right of immigrants and Help] occurred after Morales was arrested by an agent of the Border Patrol, when he was traveling in a bus from Louisiana to Utah where he was going to begin his university studies in 2011.
Morales’s arrest was in 2011, a year earlier than the establishment of DACA in 2012. So Morales wasn’t an official DREAMer at the time of his arrest.
“The agent asked me if I was an indocumentado and I, from fear and not knowing my rights told him that I was.
What “rights”? The right to lie to an immigration officer?
In that moment I was arrested and spent 17 days in prison. After my family posted bond, I was under house arrest for a year and three months,” said Morales, who arrived to the United States at the age of 9.
This mention of Morales’ family raises a question—presumably his parents were illegals, so why wasn’t the whole family deported together?

Anyway, David Morales was slated to be deported, but a week before his deportation, President Obama announced the DACA amnesty and poor David Morales was rescued and has stayed here ever since.

“I think that half of these arrests can be prevented if the people know what to say, what they cannot say and how to act”, explained the 25-year old Mexican.

The app ‘Derecho de Inmigrantes y Ayuda’, explains in both Spanish and English what rights they have in case of an encounter with the police, Border Patrol agents or immigration agents.

I want to avoid the people passing through what I passed through. I had moments of depression after being in my house and not being able to go out for such a long time [the house arrest]. I want to use the bad which I have gone through to educate and help to avoid deportations,” said Morales who today is found studying National Security in Salt Lake City Community College in the state of Utah.

Just the sort of guy we want studying National Security, someone helping illegals to avoid law enforcement.

But that’s not the worst part. This DREAMer app

….was supported by the Instituto de los Mexicanos en el Exterior (IME)…
The IME is a Mexican government agency set up to help Mexicans in the United States. And IME “paid 3,500 dollars for its development.” The Mexican government is directly financing an app to help illegals escape detention—right under our noses.

And our government does nothing.

What was that about Russian interference again?


The “América” Thing

In Spanish, América refers to the entire hemisphere, North and South America, and americano therefore would refer to anybody from this hemisphere.

Recently, I was reading the comment section on a website ABC Internacional, out of Spain. The article was about Trump’s first foreign trip, but one thread turned into a discussion of the term América. Besides its entertainment value, the thread reveals an underlying rivalry between the Hispanic and Anglo-Saxon cultures that goes back centuries.

Commenter mtcsalas_424 commented: “Trump promised to defend the interests of the United States… and that is what he is doing. I wish we had politicians who defended Spain as he defends his nation. “

To that, miguel.a.nadal_6044 responded, saying among other things that millions of Americans will lose their health care. In Spanish though, this commenter wrote “millones de americanos”. Uh-oh.

In reply to this, flamingopark3_3343, who appears to be a Latin American, had to respond:

“…AMERICA is the name of this continent since 1505, named AMERICA in the south and therefore it will never be the name of the United States or associated with any ex-British colony….AMERICA has nothing to do with that country except that they unduly appropriated the name of this continent as they did with Mexican territories, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Guam…”

Flamingo Park also explains about Amerigo Vespucci, for whom the hemisphere was named.

But another commenter joachim4_170, calls Amerigo Vespucci “a propagator of fake news” and that the continent should have been named “Colombia, Fernandia o Isabelia... or maybe Ultramongolia.”

FlamingoPark responds

Fake news or not, AMERICA was born in the south of the continent and the name America was applied where Brazil is today in 1505, nothing to do with that country in North America which appeared in 1765, almost three centuries later….America is the name of all this continent. We must begin to respect our history.
To which PedroJ reacts
The official name of the country is the “United States of America” for having been the first country in the continent which became independent of the colonial metropolis (1776) and it has the right to call itself anything it wants. Let’s see if you argue because it is officially called the Países Bajos (name of the Netherlands in Spanish) because there are other countries whose territory is also flat.
This was way too much for FlamingoPark who flamed back:
The official name of this continent is AMERICA and has been since 1505, that is, three centuries before the appearance of that problematic country and therefore it is not and never will be the name of the United States or associated with any country. AMERICA is the name of the conjunction of all the countries of this continent. If you, as a Hispanic, permit that they tread upon your history the thing is different here. The fact that it was the first country to become independent of an Anglo-Saxon country does not give it the right to take over the name of this continent that was discovered and named by Iberians.
Take that Anglos!


Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters Delights Mexicans By Bashing Trump

Speaking of Anglos though, they can’t always be counted on to support the defense of Anglo-Saxon culture.

For example, Roger Waters, former vocalist/bassist/composer of the British band Pink Floyd, released a video on January 21st, the day after Trump’s inauguration. The video was of a concert Waters performed in Mexico’s Zocalo  plaza last October, to an audience of 300,000. The video is of Waters and band performing his song Pigs(Three Different Ones) .

Pigs (Three Different Ones) is an old Pink Floyd song off their 1977 Animals album, but has now been enlisted to serve the anti-Trump cause, and Waters really got the Mexican fans stirred up.

The visuals at the performance feature various artistic representations of Trump in an unflattering light, quotations from Trump and closes with the statement in Spanish “Trump eres un pendejo”.

You can see the article about it and even watch the 11 minute plus video on the Argentine La Izquierda Diario (The Daily Leftist) [Roger Waters: la resistencia empieza hoy, by Alan Geronimo, January 21, 2017].

Roger Waters has definitely figured out how to make a lot more money off the Mexican public while virtue signalling. How convenient.


Now Tell Them How You Really Feel…

A June 29th article in Mexico’s Excelsior announced the beginning of Trump’s travel ban. It was commented on by only one reader, Macartus MML of a city in Mexico, who said (warning, there’s some Spanish profanity, sometimes hard to translate, in the comment):

“ Pinche marrana nazi metete tu pais hediondo por el culo ni que fuera la gran cosa puto pais de drogadictos y racistas.”

That is,

Pinche [literally kitchen helper but in Mexico a practical equivalent of f###ing as a modifier] Nazi Female Pig, stick your stinking country through the a#@, not that it’s even the great thing, puto [in this case probably equivalent of f###ing as a modifier since it’s not used as a noun] country of drug addicts and racists.
Well, if you feel that way about the U.S.A., why would you want any Mexicans to migrate there?


American citizen Allan Wall (email him) moved back to the U.S.A. in 2008 after many years residing in Mexico. Allan's wife is Mexican, and their two sons are bilingual. In 2005, Allan served a tour of duty in Iraq with the Texas Army National Guard. His VDARE.COM articles are archived here; his articles are archived here ; his News With Views columns are archived here; and his website is here.

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