The Fulford File | Happy Birthday. Virginia Dare! Will Our Children Share Her Fate In The New America?
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Virginia Dare, after whom is named, was the first child born of English parents in the New World, on Roanoke Island, off the coast on North Carolina, on August 18, 1587. At some point in 1590, with England cut off from communications with North America by the Spanish Armada, the Roanoke Colony just…vanished, as if it had never been. Virginia Dare vanished with it, and we don’t know if she was killed, or absorbed into a local Indian tribe like the little girl in the John Wayne movie The Searchers.  The idealized portrait at the right is by 19th century American artist J. L. G. Ferris.

When Peter Brimelow started this webzine in 1999, he talked about a final chapter of Alien Nation that he was “dissuaded” from adding. He wanted to pay homage to Virginia Dare “by bestowing her name on the heroine of a projected fictional concluding chapter in Alien Nation, about the flight of the last white family in Los Angeles. It seemed . . . symmetrical.” See Why VDARE.COM / The White Doe?.

I suppose the publishers thought that might be seen as racist, and would make the reviewers crazy. But the reviewers went crazy anyway.

Things have progressed since 1995, when Alien Nation was written, and also since the site was founded, not for the better, mostly, although things are getting clearer.

South African expatriate Neill Blomkamp recently made a science fiction movie with Matt Damon called Elysium, in which, circa 2154, safety only happens in orbital habitats in the sky. [See “ELYSIUM”—Hollywood Open Borders Propaganda Concedes "Nativists" Are Right, by James Kirkpatrick.]

This is what happens to Los Angeles.

Los Angeles in 2154 in Elysium

There are places in South Africa that look like that already, and even more places in Detroit.

What is trying to point out is that all of America could look like that in the lifetime of little girls who are Virginia Dare's age  today—unless something is done to stop it.

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