UNION JACKAL [5 ITEMS]: MIGRANT WATCH Fingers Home Office; Serco Group Bringing “Migrants” To Your Hometown; Underground Poetry Celebrates Great Replacement; ETC!
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MIGRATION WATCH: Home Office Mismanaged Deportations

News that England’s recently “lost” 17,000 undocumented arrivistes, who are presumably still at large, offers the chance to give credit where it’s due [Home Office ‘loses’ 17,000 people whose asylum claims were withdrawn, by Rajeev Syal, The Guardian, November 29, 2023].

Since 2001, Migration Watch UK has provided immigration data for public consumption rather than numbers cooked up for political spin. Its chairmen are former ambassadors to, contrastingly, Iceland and Saudi Arabia. Activism is not their game. Instead, they provide robust research and raw statistics without the spin imparted by government policy advisers. MW keeps an eye on policy, too.

A recent MW newsletter, for instance, shows that the government’s response to processing asylum applications, a notorious stumbling block in the system, is deliberately mismanaged:

[O]nly one percent of small boat arrivals since 2020 have been sent back to their home country.

We knew that the number of enforced returns had dropped to a paltry level (see the chart below), but this recent revelation vividly highlights the Home Office’s struggle to deport illegal immigrants. …

Instead of efficiently dealing with cases more likely to face rejection (such as Albanian nationals), the government’s absurd response was to fast-track those cases with a higher chance of getting asylum. To make matters worse, our human rights laws and international agreements are woefully outdated, making it exceedingly difficult to deport illegal immigrants.

Small Boat Returns Almost Non-existent, Home Office Admits, December 15, 2023

MW does not subscribe to the anarcho-tyrannical theory that the failure is designed—a position that will become less tenable as the “migrant” invasion worsens. And MW is not a ragtag crew of citizen journalists using their cell phones to record arrivals on the beaches of Kent. It is a highly organized, intellectually robust think tank that assembles statistics that seem to have more integrity than the government’s.

Migration Watch will itself come under increasing scrutiny, not just from the Open-Borders government, but from those with a vested business interest in continuing high levels of immigration.


Serco Group: Bringing the Great Replacement to Your Neighborhood

Serco Group PLC, which Wikipedia describes as “a  British multinational defence, justice & immigration, transport, health, and citizen services company,” is one of those businesses pushing for higher immigration: it holds a key position in the British Refugee Racket by helping the Great Replacement run smoothly. It runs the migrant hotel program and Britain’s prisons. That means it is equipped to offer a hospitable welcome in high-quality hotels to illegal aliens, while at the same time overseeing the incarceration of anyone indiscreet enough to criticize this influx on social media. And Serco is looking to expand into Europe, perhaps to show there are no hard feelings about Brexit.

Serco intends to enter the German immigration market. Eighty years ago, people were fleeing Germany. Now they can’t wait to get in, and Serco will be there to make sure they do:

Serco … announced the acquisition of European Homecare from Korte-Stiftung for €40 million [about $44 million], a specialist provider in what Serco dubbed the “German immigration market.”

[Outsourcer Serco paves revenue growth with German immigration acquisition, by William Farrington, Proactive, December 14, 2023

Rumors abound online that private landlords are being tapped up to take “migrants” into their properties, although Serco is unmentioned.

Serco operates in five main areas. Aside from justice and immigration, the company is involved in defense, health, transportation, and “citizen services,” whatever they are. One of the citizen services Serco provided during the COVID era is of note: “The group was one of the suppliers of the government’s test-and-trace program during the pandemic” [Serco forecasts profits hike in 2023 and next year, by Holly Williams, Evening Standard, December 14, 2023].

You’re forgiven for thinking the company is positioning itself for the world infrastructure contract when or if the globalists ascend to full power.

Even the American military-industrial complex might feel jealous of this Vampire Squid organization. It just secured an $84 million-dollar contract to provide “organizational planning, program management and technical consulting” to the U.S. Air Force [Serco Books $84M 9th Air Force Organizational Support Contract; Tom Watson Quoted, by Naomi Cooper, GovConWire, December 15, 2023].

Prisons … immigration … armed forces … they all work on the same principle of micromanagement, the tool of the technocrat.

Serco must be watched closely, with admiration if you happen to be a Master of the Universe, with trepidation if you are one of the little people. For the rank-and-file Briton, that individual intruding into your life might not be from the government. He might be the man from Serco.

Of course, if the individual intruding into your life is a knife-wielding “migrant,” he might be a man from Serco, too.


Bad News: Despite Emigration, U.K. Has High Net Migration

Immigration figures from the Office on National Statistics are divided into two categories, legal and illegal. But a third data-set does not receive the same media attention: net migration. This year through June 2023, 1.2 million “migrants” entered the United Kingdom, while 508,000 people left, for a net migration figure of 672,000. Of the emigrants, 93,000 were British, and the rest EU citizens or EU non-nationals. But “EU citizens” is misleading; an Afghan with a German passport is an “EU citizen.”

British citizens have long left their country, and retirees moving to Spain in the 1970s formed an invasion of their own. But those leaving today are not mostly retirees. They move for better jobs or because they have finished a degree and wish to ply their trade elsewhere, or because they have had enough of the U.K. for whatever reason.

This young Muslim immigrant gives his reasons for leaving Britain in brutally honest language.

He complains about high crime, high housing prices, and that most people are “unhappy” and “depressed.” But as the commentator on the video says, immigrants are causing the high crime, high housing prices, and widespread unhappiness and depression.

In other words, the young Muslim is leaving because his immigrant coreligionists have wrecked the country. Not that anyone should complain when a Muslim departs.

Still, emigrants take social capital and tax revenue with them, while a large percentage of immigrants drain the public treasury and are generally hostile to their hosts. The British government is happy to see increasing emigration because it hides the woeful immigration figures, even if emigration means repeats the 1970s “brain drain” [‘Brain Drain’ Debate in the United Kingdom, c.1950-1970, UK Data Archive].

Legal immigrants often come by student visa, which enables a “student” not only to enter the U.K. and study there, but also, dangerously, to import his family. This student-visa program is, of course, open to abuse, and it is not difficult to game the system. Many students fail to graduate, but remain in the country.

Not numbered among emigrants are deportees. The government’s proposal to begin deportations resulted in the “Rwanda scheme,” whereby immigrants would be flown to that blighted country while their asylum applications were processed. It was a pure political distraction from its inception. It is a strange day when I agree with British Leftist celebrities, but a number of them just signed a letter urging the government to scrap the scheme [Gary Lineker and Brian Cox back call to scrap Rwanda scheme, by Charlie Moloney, The Guardian, December 11, 2023]. It is easy to virtue signal, but I hope they get their wish for different reasons.

The governmental response to high net migration has been purely technocratic, involving plans and initiatives and crackdowns. Home Secretary James Cleverly, who is black, “unveiled” his plan, as though it were a statue of Churchill or something useful [Home Secretary unveils plan to cut net migration, Gov.UK, December 4, 2023]. With due deference to President Reagan’s observation about the “nine most terrifying words in the English language,” the English themselves have their own, seven-word version: “The Government is unveiling a new plan.”


Underground Celebrates Colonization in Reverse

It was Andrew Neather, spokesman for Tony Blair’s Labour government, who brazenly wrote in 2009 that Labour’s open-borders policy was intended to “rub the Right’s noses in diversity.” Actually, many of the noses rubbed were not of “the Right.” Colonizing rural communities with immigrants adversely affected ordinary people of whatever political stripe. Overall, however, Labour succeeded, a rare thing for a British government. But the nose-rubbing did not stop in 1997, when Blair left office. It continues today, and has found subtler and more subliminal ways to emphasize its message.

The London Underground has for some time run an initiative called Poems on the Underground. A genuinely good idea, I recall sitting in my tube seat and reading little snippets of Auden, Eliot, Shelley. Now, however, the poetry is more in keeping with the times. One of London’s most recent examples of pro-immigration propaganda is titled Colonisation in Reverse.

The opening two stanzas:

Wat a joyful news, miss Mattie,
I feel like me heart gwine burs.
Jamaica people colonizing
Englan in reverse.
By de hundred, by de tousan
From country and from town,
By de ship-load, by de plane-load,
Jamaica is Englan boun.

This is not the place for poetry criticism, but as a poem per se, ”Colonisation in Reverseis unimportant. As part of an ongoing mission statement, however, it is a powerful symbol in support of a powerful myth.

Written by Louise Bennett in 1966, the poem has featured prominently in the anniversary celebrations of the 1948 arrival in Tilbury Docks, England, of the HMT Empire Windrush. This marked the beginning of the major black presence in the U.K., particularly England, and even more particularly in London. The ship’s role has also been crafted and remade to suit the new Founding Myth of British blackness.

This thoroughly modern myth holds that blacks were brought to England to do the jobs the English were too lazy to do. That was 1947. The native and heavily bombed English weren’t terribly lazy, and the new arrivals were simply beneficiaries of cheap passage on a troopship returning from Australia, the parent company of which wished to maximize profit, as businesses will.

This myth of “necessitarianism”—that blacks were essential to Britain’s post-war recovery—has expanded to include claims of a black presence throughout history, a cultural dominance (at least visually), and the usual undercurrent of reparations demands flowing just underground. Again, this in the country which halted slavery with great loss of life—1587 men died on the anti-slavery West Africa Squadron—to the Royal Navy [Chasing Freedom: the Royal Navy and the suppression of the transatlantic slave trade, archives.history.ac.uk].

Can't load tweet https://twitter.com/MartinezPolitix/status/1702409533576896841: Sorry, you are not authorized to see this status.

This cultural and historical conquista might be playing a longer game. If blacks inform the white elite class that British history is and always was black, the claim might evolve into an Australian-style “Voice” vote, a national referendum on whether an ethnic minority should have its own constitution. The Australian Voice referendum recently lost, but success would have granted Aborigines a micro-constitution that enabled them to veto legislation relevant to their people.

In effect, this would be a government within a government. Imagine blacks in England with that type of constitutional and legislative reach.

As for the cultural enrichment that the thespian arts have received, only blacks are being culturally boosted in this way. Sikhs are not overrepresented in TV ads, and Chinese actors are not cast as famous white figures from history.

The British Left has always had an attraction for blackness, it being both exotically enticing and politically useful. Also, as shock troops to rub whitey’s nose in diversity even further, blacks are perfect. You probably won’t see Hindus or Hasidic Jews looting Apple stores.

But poesy, an English tradition, requires an effect upon the reader, a response from the poet’s audience. Louise Bennett may have ended her poem light-heartedly, in her mind, but it has not been reprised by Transport for London (TFL) for its poetic value, but rather to show who are the masters now.

What a devilment a Englan!
Dem face war and brave de worse,
But me wondering how dem gwine stan
Colonizin in reverse.

How, indeed.


Illegal Aliens Arrested in Weymouth Sex Assault

Here’s the latest on cultural enrichment in England: Cops in Weymouth, a port city on England’s south coast, recently arrested two illegal aliens from the floating “migrant” facility celebrated by John Derbyshire, the Bibby Stockholm, for a sex assault in a bar:

Aged 24 and 27, the pair were arrested after the incident in Weymouth’s Kika Beach Bar, some four miles from where the boat is moored in Portland. It came after police received a report from a woman at the bar in the early hours of Sunday, December 10.
Bibby Stockholm migrants arrested for ‘sex attack’ in UK seaside town’s nightclub by Casey Cooper-Fiske, Daily Express, December 20, 2023


Mark Gullick [Email him] has a PhD in philosophy. Originally from London, he has relocated to Costa Rica. He has also written for TakiMagNew English Review, Counter Currents (including a monthly UNION JACKAL column on general political and cultural topics, Standpoint and The Brazen Head.

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