A Baltimore Reader Says Baltimore Is (Almost Incredibly) Getting Worse!
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Re: Letter From Baltimore: We’re Going To Be Detroit, Sooner Rather Than Later—But What About America?

From: Ellen Packer [Email her]

Your man Paul Kersey will certainly pick this up. 20 years ago Towson was overwhelmingly white legally (by residence) and practically.

Now it’s another recreational space for Baltimore’s social elite.

According to charging documents, it was last Thursday around 11:00 at night when police say three victims were leaving a restaurant along Pennsylvania Avenue and heading to Banditos on Allegheny Avenue when they noticed the suspect, 28-year-old Quantze Davis walking toward them dressed in all black.

Quantze Davis (Baltimore County Police)

Police say Davis pulled out a gun and demanded cash before ordering them into the alley behind several businesses on W. Joppa Road just steps from the Towson Circle.

The victims told police he ordered them onto their knees and threatened to kill them before he raped all three of them at gunpoint and took off.

[3 pedestrians raped at gunpoint in Towson, man arrested and charged, Fox Baltimore, February 6, 2023]

The other piece is extraordinary even by Baltimore standards. Really—not a single one?

23 Baltimore schools have zero students proficient in math, per state test results , Fox Baltimore, February 6, 2023

It’s an interesting act of compassion on Texas Governor Abbott’s part that he didn’t ship his illegals to Baltimore. Compassion toward the illegals, I mean.

See Ellen Packer’s earlier letter A Baltimore Reader Says Baltimore Isn’t QUITE As Black, Or As Violent, As It’s Painted—But It’s Getting There!


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