A California Reader Says Calls To Condemn Hamas Rapists Were Preceded By Years Of Calls NOT To Condemn Mexican Rapists
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From: Angie Saxon [Email her]

As U.S. media demand we condemn the rapes of Israeli women during war with Hamas and the Palestinians, white Boomer American women like me remember the same media and shrillest of feminists (Abzug, Steinem, Friedan, etc.) remained silent for decades as millions of foreigners with Stone Age views of females entered the U.S., raping and abusing our “sisters.” Anyone pointing out the obvious surge of brown-on-white rapes over the past 30 years is promptly smeared with “racist,” “xenophobe,” etc. shut-up words.

The DOJ’s counting Latino rapists as white despite obvious racial differences in Mexican/ Central American Indians and European-Americans distorts the reality of mismatched peoples being forced to share space. The “cultural defense”—used in courts and media to explain violent rapes of American females by third-world men as innocent, culture-based misunderstanding of a woman’s casual nod as an invitation to rough sex on the spot—leave  American women whose civilization and legal system used to protect us at risk in the nation our ancestors founded “for ourselves and our posterity.” How many American females have been, and continue to be, raped, or murdered by immigrants—both legal and illegal, and why don’t our media or so-called leaders care?

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