A Michigan Reader Chronicles The Islamic Takeover Of Dearbornistan
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From: Raymond Golich (email him)

Re: "Dead Culture Walking: Muslim Colonization Of Europe Should Frighten America" By Brenda Walker

I am a life-long resident of Dearborn(-istan), Michigan so I have a perspective on Islamic immigration, which many Americans probably don't. I have experienced it not for a few years but all my life (and in fact, my parents' lifetimes too).

Dearborn has had an Arab/Muslim contingent ever since the early twentieth century. In the past, most Arabs in Dearborn were Christian, but since the early 1990s, almost all "newcomers" are Muslim. Even worse, they are arriving here fundamentalist Muslim.

Our schools now have many days off since Islam has so many holidays; the school cafeterias feature the Islamic "halal" diet, etc. And slowly, the archaic Sharia Law is inching its way into our civic life here in town.  

And less seriously (then again, perhaps not), one regularly sees women and girls walking and driving around town dressed in the most bizarre "Biblical" type of clothing, complete with flowing black robes, their hair covered, and often their eyes too, at all times.  

It's too late to salvage our community. Family ("chain") immigration is to blame, I think.

Brenda Walker replies: I wish some fearless news reporter would do a before-and-after immigration filmed story about Dearbornistan (and Los Angeles for the sombrero version) to show what has happened. I think many Americans have no idea.

I agree that burqas are an outrage. Every time I see some Muslim in a bag, I think about Susan B. Anthony and the other suffragists. I'm quite sure they didn't struggle their entire lives to get equal rights for women for Islam's slave girls to be welcomed ad nauseam. Their presence is a total insult to everything I believe in regarding women's rights.

I hope the reader is wrong that it's too late. At the least, our efforts must certainly slow the worsening strife and erosion of our culture.

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