A New Jersey Reader Says "Conservative" Talk Radio Not So Conservative After All
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05/24/06 - A New York Reader Reveals a Creative Twist On A Little Known Scam

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Re: "An Economist's" Column: George Will Can't Count—Deportation No Problema

Conservative talk radio is driving me crazy. Almost all the hosts say: " America doesn't have the will or the means to deport twelve million illegals."

Larry Kudlow recently joined 77 WABC AM New York. Several weeks ago he was ranting about how we need to legalize aliens, not deport them. Kudlow insisted that the U.S. needs illegal immigration and we should tolerate it because we are a compassionate nation.

Suddenly, as if on cue, New York Governor George Pataki called in to Kudlow and commented that immigrants should know how to read, write and understand English. Pataki made no mention of speaking it.

Yet west of the Hudson, Trenton mandates that all of New Jersey's public school students must study Spanish.

The writer lives in Jersey City that he describes as "the heart of Latino America." He wonders what other laws besides those pertaining to immigration would local, state and federal officials ignore.

Joe Guzzardi comments: Kudlow is also the National Review Online's Economics editor and living, breathing proof that George W. Bush can still fool a very few people, all the time.

Reading Kudlow's most recent NRO propaganda-driven drivel, I am literally speechless at how little he knows about immigration.

Among his other claims, Kudlow insists that "we need the workers," "immigrants come here to work, raise families and assimilate,"dead-of-night deportation raids smack of totalitarianism," (Kudlow is the only one talking about that) and "Bush has a sensible new plan to solve the problem." 

Do not read Kudlow's essay here.

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